The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 353

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 353

“Has Daddy agreed to let Mommy leave?”

“Yeah, I called Granduncle Jackson about that earlier. After that, he went to the hospital to look for Daddy and requested to bring Mommy home.” Matteo’s voice could be heard.

Ian heaved a sigh of relief. It’s our fault this round. If not because our plot turned into a failure, Mommy wouldn’t have had to endure so much. Thus, we must ensure that she is safe and sound now!

“Do you think Daddy will put Mommy in a tight spot again?” Ian asked with a worried look.

“I don’t think so. This morning, Granduncle Jackson brought Mommy out to meet up with Daddy in a cafe. She was apparently having a good mood when she stepped out of the cafe just now.” Matteo described to Ian what he had seen a while ago when he was trailing behind them.

Right that instant, Roxanne, who was eavesdropping on their conversation, tightened her grip on the food container in her hands.

She’s having a good mood? Sebastian, so this is the way you get the matter resolved, huh? That woman not only slandered me out of the blue but also bashed me up with her friend! Yet, you just easily let her off without taking any actions? A wave of fury started to surge from within Roxanne.

“Ah! Ms. Rocke, you are here! Why are you standing over there? Please come in at once!” Coincidentally, Wendy happened to see her standing outside the villa and doubted why she did not enter. Apart from that, there was a grim look on her face.

Stifling the simmering anger within her, Roxanne asked, “Has Mr. Hayes reached home?”

Wendy shook her head as she replied courteously, “Not yet. Most probably, he won’t be back for dinner tonight. He had just given both Mr. Ian and Mr. Matteo a call a while ago.”

In a split second, Roxanne’s face turned grimmer. He’s not coming back for dinner? Is it something to do with the matter in the office?

Roxanne made up her mind to drop by Sebastian’s office to take a look, as she intended to verify if there was something awry with her hypnosis.

Meanwhile, by the time Sasha reached Blue Enchantress, it was almost eight at night.

It was more like a small-scale nightclub located at the meeting point of Old Town and New Town. In other words, it was not the type of nightclub which would be patronized by those from the prestigious families of the upper-class society.

“Miss, how many of you?” The moment Sasha stepped into the nightclub, she was greeted by a scantily dressed waitress.

Nevertheless, she was apparently being pretentious by asking Sasha in a businesslike tone. Sasha could even sense that the waitress was scanning her from head to toe in bewilderment.

Well, I can’t blame her for staring at me like that. After all, it is really unusual for a woman to come here by all by herself. Without hesitation, Sasha straight to the point by whipping out a blue rose and asked, “Excuse me, do you have this here?”

“Ah! You are Mr. Hayes’s friend! This way please!” Miraculously, there was an unexpected twist in the waitress’ demeanor. The next moment, she sashayed and led Sasha into the nightclub.

Mr. Hayes? Which one? Is Hayes a common family name here? Oh no! It can’t be that man! Sasha’s eyes twitched uncontrollably as her heart skipped a beat.

Within seconds, her sixth sense told her that it was beyond the possibility. Such an assertive and omnipotent man can’t be a patron here!

Sasha was relieved and followed the waitress upstairs. She was led to a room on the first floor. There was a gilded blue rose on the room number pasted on the door. Once the door was flung open, a sleek-haired and good-looking young man seated with his legs crossed came into sight. Her sixth sense was proven right, as it turned out to be a different Mr. Hayes.

At the moment, he was flirting frivolously with a few scantily dressed women surrounding him.

Who is this? Have I seen him anywhere? As he was chain-smoking, it was as though he was shrouded by a mysterious mist in the dim room. Hence, Sasha could not make out his feature at once. Even though she could roughly sense a hint of inexplicit familiarity in the man, she was convinced that he was not Sebastian.

“Mr. Hayes, I have brought your friend here. Here she is.” The waitress put on a fawning smile and said coyly to him.

Friend? There was a puzzled look on the young man’s face. He lifted up his head and glanced at Sasha spontaneously.

When Sasha and the man exchanged gazes, both of them froze simultaneously.

“Robert? It’s you!” Sasha called out his name first and her eyes widened in disbelief.

The man turned out to be Robert, Roderick’s son. He was a typical type of a good-for-nothing playboy who was also a spendthrift.

So he is the so-called Mr. Hayes! Does it mean that Xenia was keeping in touch with him previously?

It makes sense if he’s the one. After all, Roderick is plotting to seize the inheritance right of the Hayes family for him, isn’t he?

She presumed that he had been manipulating long ago by assigning Xenia to steal her manuscripts. After that, Xandra was instructed by him to disguise herself as the author of the manuscripts and approached Sebastian with a fake identity. He could be the mastermind so he could acquire Hayes Corporation secretively step by step.

Sasha was worked up instantaneously at the thought. She glared at the man with clenched fists.

Robert stood up immediately and shoved the women who were clinging to him aside. “Oh! It’s you, Sasha! Long time no see. What brings you here?” he grinned gleefully in an exaggerative way.

Sasha remained silent as she was repulsed by the way Robert addressed her intimately. She did not really know him well. After marrying Sebastian years ago, she seldom moved around freely in the Hayes residence, knowing that she was not well-liked by his family members. Thus, she seldom bumped into him during those days; hence, it was a little unusual to be addressed by him in such an affectionate way.

Suppressing the great displeasure within herself, she asked, “You are the so-called Mr. Hayes here?”

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