The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 354

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 354

Robert shrugged his shoulder. “Yes. What’s up? Do you come just to see me today?”

He still showed his old goofy stance while his extremely fair face assembled his father, Roderick.

She had almost forgotten that his father died in Sebastian’s hands.

Plus, it was caused by none other than her two sons.

With that in mind, Sasha instinctively took a few steps backward.

“No… I’m just stopping by.” At that moment, she suddenly realized that speaking the truth might not work in her favor.

She just wanted to confirm her prediction by coming here.

At this point, she figured it was best for her to act cautious.

With that, Sasha waited for a timing to leave the scene.

However, Robert seemed to have read her mind. As she was slowly approaching the door, the former stepped towards it and shut it up abruptly.

At that moment, Sasha was rendered speechless.

“You look a bit nervous. What’s wrong? Has it been too long since we last met?”

“No, it’s not that…”

“Then why are you retreating? Are you scared of me?”

Right then, the smile on his face had vanished. Stepping slowly towards Sasha, his eyes looked like a hungry snake waiting to attack.

Sasha’s heart skipped a beat, while she continued to retreat one more step.

“No. I said I just stop by randomly. I didn’t know you’ll be here.”

“Sasha, it has been so many years, but you still s*ck in lying. Whenever you lie, your ears will become red and your eyes will look everywhere. You’ve not changed at all.”


“And you say you are not here to find me. Then, what’s with the flower in your hand?”

Never did she expect that this man could read through her lie so easily.

What petrified Sasha the most was the he was staring at her flower.

It made her heart fell with a thud.

If he was Xenia’s man, he would know that she was investigating him.

If that was so, there is no way he would let her go free.

I don’t want to die here!

“No… Robert. Listen to me. I’m here not to see you but your cousin. I picked up this flower outside just now.”

Thinking on her feet, she could only bring up Sebastian eventually.

As for the flower, she failed to think of a better excuse.

However, to her delight, Robert seemed to stop pressing her.

Nevertheless, his expression suddenly turned peculiar, as his lips curled into a rather sensual smile.

“It’s been so long since I last heard you calling my name.”

Utterly disgusted, Sasha felt a chill in her back.

“Honestly, I kinda miss that. You say you come to find Sebastian. Will he usually come here? Could you at least come up with a more reasonable excuse?”

Sasha was lost for words.

Seeing herself unable to talk herself out of the situation, she felt the potential danger engulfing her.

“Tell me. Why exactly are you here? Did anyone send you? And why are you holding this blue enchantress?” His eyes shifted towards her flower once again.

In that instance, Sasha’s hand that was holding the flower trembled incessantly.

A few seconds later, she denied again, “I’ve told you. I just stop by randomly.”

“Are you for real? Sasha, who’re you trying to fool? Do you know why there is this blue enchantress in front of the door? It’s because that’s how I contact my pawns. If they need to find me, they need to bring a blue enchantress and come here. So tell me again. Are you really just stopping by?”

In that instant, Robert’s expression had turned entirely hostile and murderous.

Sasha paled in fright upon seeing his face.

“I’ve no idea what you’re talking about. If there’s nothing, I am leaving now. Sebastian is still waiting for me.” Sasha lifted her feet and started to walk out.

With that, Robert totally lost his patience.

Before Sasha could react, Robert grabbed her arm forcefully and stared ferociously into her eyes.

“Do you think I will let you go? Did Xenia give you a clue? And what took you such a long time to find here?”

Sasha’s eyes widened in awe as she had never expected that he would mention that name.

So I was right! He is the culprit behind Xenia’s back.

Beyond exasperated by that truth, her chest heaved up and down as she tried to suppress her rage. At that instant, she had forgotten all her fear.

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