The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 355

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 355

“So it’s you! Why did you do that? Did you kill Xenia?”

“So, you finally admit it.”

Robert was delighted with Sasha’s reaction while he responded to her questions composedly.

“Are you asking me why I did it? Sebastian killed my dad. So why can’t I go after him?”


“As for Xenia, what’s the point of keeping a useless pawn?”

“You rascal…”

Losing her mind, Sasha threw a slap towards Robert.

However, her hand was stopped effortlessly by Robert. With that, he gripped her hand forcefully, making her unable to move an inch.

“Calm down please. By the way, you should be thanking me.”

“What’re you saying?”

“Don’t you know? The Wand family went bankrupt all because of Xenia. She was the one who reported to the police about your father’s illegal business, which resulted in your family’s bankruptcy and your mother’s suicide.”

Gripping her arm tightly, Robert spat out a shocking secret.

Upon hearing that, Sasha was left in awe.

Xenia would never do that. The Wand family has been so kind to her. Why would she do that? Even if she were jealous of me, she wouldn’t have gotten this far. She was just eighteen at that time.

“Bullsh*t! That’s impossible!”

Right then, Robert let out a cold smile. “What’s impossible? Are you a fool? You have been played by Xenia all this while. First, marrying into the Hayes family was a mistake. By bringing down the Wand family, Frederick wouldn’t want you as his daughter-in-law. That sounded like a pretty good reason.”


“But she miscalculated in the end. Even after your family went bankrupt, that old man still let his son marry you. That was why she worked with me out of desperation.”

The news was a bolt out of the blue for Sasha.

Sasha was at a loss until she almost fainted.

Why did it turn out like this? How could she be so heartless? Has our family done anything wrong to her?

Closing her eyes despondently, tears began rolling down her cheeks.

Upon seeing that, Robert added, “There’s no need to cry. Didn’t I take revenge for you already? Her body almost became a meatball in that car crash.”

He spoke as if he was boasting an achievement. Upon saying that, he used his finger to pick up a tear from Sasha’s face and put it into his mouth.

Sasha felt goosebumps all over instantly and was all disgusted.

“Let go of me! You’re a freak. You’re a monster just like her!” Sasha started struggling recklessly.

Robert was initially patient, but he got pissed by Sasha’s disrespectful name-calling.



Sasha let out a painful scream after her head was knocked into the wall abruptly. With that, her body fell weakly onto the floor.

“Are you calling me a monster? I’ve helped you avenge her. If I’m truly a monster, I would’ve killed everyone, including you.”

Robert’s face turned utterly hideous and distorted. Before Sasha could regain her senses on the floor, he forcefully held her up again.

Sasha let out another shriek.

At that moment, Robert’s subordinates, who were at the scene, were petrified. Discretely, they tried to leave the spot without Robert noticing.

Little did they know that Robert was such an inhuman maniac that no one would be able to escape from his wrath once he lost it.

“Are you guys leaving? Did I say that you can leave?”

“Mr. Hayes… we…”

“Stay here and take a good look. Do you know who this woman is?” Just then, he grabbed Sasha’s hair mercilessly and forced her to face the crowd.

All the female workers were trembling incessantly until they could barely stand up straight.

Nonetheless, they had no choice but to respond politely, “Mr. Hayes… who is she?”

Robert let out a boisterous laugh. “She is my beloved sister-in-law. She is the wife of the most respectable man in this city, Sebastian, the president of the Hayes Corporation!”

Oh my goodness!

All the staff was left in complete bewilderment by that.

Is she really the wife of Mr. Hayes? How could that be? She looks so plain and ordinary!

Everyone seemed unwilling to believe that, as it was customary for any woman to be jealous of a woman with such a high social status.

However, they knew Robert may be a crazy man, but he was not particularly a liar.

With that, everyone gasped in envy and resentment.

Sasha was sweating all over as the pain was killing her. Yet, her eyes were still staring at Robert unyieldingly.

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