The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 356

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 356

“Since you know that I’m his wife, then you’d better not touch me or he won’t let you off easily!”

Overwhelmed with desperation, Sasha eventually used Sebastian’s name as her last resort.

Never in a million years would she expect this outcome.

She had always thought that Xenia’s partner would be some stranger. Thus, she just needed to stop by and see who the culprit was. To her startle, the man turned out to be Robert.

Robert would definitely not spare her life after she found out about his secret.

Even if she did not find out about his secret, Roderick’s death alone would be sufficient to make Robert want to kill her.

Never in her life had she been wanting to see Sebastian.

However, what made her heart fall with a thud, was that Robert did not seem bothered about Sebastian.

“Is it? Great. I want to meet him too. I’ve not settled the score with him yet after he killed my Dad. Since you’re in my hand now, it’s a good opportunity for me to meet him.”

As soon as he finished his sentence, he pulled Sasha’s hair backward strongly.


Sasha moaned in pain and tried hard to collect herself.

The next moment, Robert leaned close to her face and provoked, “However, there’s no guarantee he will show up. I heard he has married Trevor’s girl. I don’t think he cares about you anymore.”


As much as her physical pain, Sasha felt that those words were just like a knife stabbing through her heart.

Not only did Robert torture her physically, he knew how to pick on the most extensive wound in her.

Pissed by the insult, Sasha decided to fight back. Enduring the pain in her head, she tried to reach the silver needle hidden on her with her another freehand.

However, Robert seemed able to predict her move.

Before her hand could move an inch, Robert had grabbed it tightly.

“Don’t move. You should know that I dislike women who are disobedient. Even though you’re my sister-in-law, I won’t have mercy on you if you disobey me.”

Right then, Robert gripped both her hands around her back, forcing her to face him at an extremely close distance.

“What do you want to do? Let go of me!”

“I’m not doing anything. But to be frank, you look so sexy. Your skin is still so smooth even after giving birth. I bet you must have lived a really good life.”

While he was speaking, his eyes locked onto Sasha’s seductive breasts which was half exposed.

Due to her intensive struggle with Robert, her clothes had gotten half torn, displaying most of her bodyline. Staring at that, Robert’s eyes turned extraordinarily lustful!

As a matter of fact, he had always fantasized about Sasha when she first got married into the Hayes family.

“Let me go, you perv*rt!”

Sasha’s eyes had welled up with tears, as she had never experienced such humiliation her entire life.

At the same time, all the females in the room were at a loss.

That’s his sister-in-law. He won’t do it, right?

All of them underestimated Robert’s shamelessness. After all, after the famous engagement a few days back, Robert knew the woman in front of him had nothing to do with his cousin anymore.

Maybe that was why he dared to behave wildly.

Seconds later, Robert lifted his hand and started unbuttoning Sasha’s clothes.

Beyond desperation, Sasha bit her lips helplessly.


At that split second, the door was suddenly kicked open by someone.

Robert halted his act, turning his head around. Before he could figure out who it was, something was thrown towards him at a swift speed.


There was a loud glass breaking sound, and instantly fresh blood could be seen splattered. In that instant, everyone in the room panicked and started screaming.

This is way too horrifying! Who’s that? How dare he attack Mr. Hayes like that?

Then, a handsome but hostile-looking man entered the room, everyone was stunned momentarily. From his simple elegant suit to the branded watch on his wrist, every detail on this man showed that he was a man of the highest social status.

Slowly, he walked towards Robert, Sebastian’s face was devoid of expression like the Grim Reaper.

Recoiled in fear, Robert covered his bleeding head nervously. “Sebastian, what’re you doing? Don’t make me kill her now!”

With one hand still grabbing Sasha, Robert used his other hand and locked her neck quickly.

In an instance, Sasha’s face turned a shade of deep purple.

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