The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 357

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 357

He really has a death wish!

No one noticed how Sebastian did it, but a chair was cast right into Robert’s head in a blink of the eye.

With a loud bang, Robert collapsed to the ground together with the chair.

D*mn! This is brutal! He’s way more violent that our boss!

Everyone’s jaw dropped at the sight of that.

However, the worst was yet to come. Right after throwing the chair, Sebastian randomly picked up a knife from the fruit plate on the desk.

With that, he started cutting down Robert’s fingers one by one.


Upon seeing that, everyone started screaming with their hands over their heads.

They had always thought that no one would be more brutal than Robert, but they could not be more wrong.

Even Sasha froze in fear witnessing such brutality.

However, it was not her first time seeing Sebastian’s inhumanity. The last time was five years ago when she saw Sebastian kill a dog.

Overwhelmed with terror, she failed to avoid the blood that splatted towards her direction.

After a short while, all Robert’s fingers were cut, as he was wriggling in extreme pain on the floor.

However, Sebastian did not seem to stop at all. Picking up the chair that he had just thrown, he smashed it right down onto Robert’s head.

“Stop beating me… I’ll die if you don’t stop…”

“That’s my intention.”

A second later, Sebastian picked up another wine bottle.

Robert had never seen Sebastian with such an expression. The latter looked like an emotionless robot, programmed to throw anything he could lay his hand on.

It looked like he would not stop until he ended his life.

What if he kills him? What will the Hayes family think? When he killed Roderick, the Hayes were offended, and they almost brought it up at the board of directors. If he kills Robert today, what will happen then? After all, the rumors about his illness have not yet faded.

As Sasha finally cleared her thoughts, she saw Sebastian holding a knife and trying to cut Robert’s throat.

Panicking, she stood up with all her might and jumped towards Sebastian, hugging him tightly.

“That’s enough, Sebastian! Stop beating him!”

“Screw off!”

He had clearly lost his mind completely, with his both eyes turned red with hostility.

Is it because he saw Robert molesting me? Maybe not. Based on our relationship, I don’t think I’m that important to him. I guess he holds a deep grudge against this pair of father and son.

Sasha still did not let go of him. “Sebastian, listen to me. Even if you want him dead, you don’t have to do it yourself. Your hands might get dirty.”

With her eyes brimming with unstoppable tears, Sasha was hugging Sebastian’s muscular back from behind.

Feeling that familiar body warmth and heartbeat, Sasha finally lost control and started bawling her eyes out.

Instantly, Sebastian’s back got wet from her tears.

Meanwhile, Sebastian’s body finally stop moving.

His bloodshot eyes and his maniacal expression made him look like he came straight from hell.

While his face was half-covered with blood spilled from Robert, he looked like a savage carnivore.

With the warmth of tears at his back, all his hatred and vengeance started to melt away.


Eventually, he threw away the knife in his hand.

Everyone in the room let out a long sigh of relief while Robert had lost consciousness.

A few moments later, Karl entered the room and saw that scene. Without hesitation, he ordered his men to carry Robert who was in terrible shape out of the room.

“Mr. Hayes, are you okay?”

After settling Robert, he walked over to check on Sebastian as he noticed something unusual about the latter.

Only then did Sasha come back to the sense of reality as she immediately let go of Sebastian and took a step away from him.


Enduring the pain throughout her body, she did not dare to make a sound.

What was I doing? Am I crazy?

Sasha lowered her head, unable to accept her behavior towards Sebastian.

Karl intended to care about Sebastian, but he noticed something off his complexion.

He was all friendly just now. But now, he looks as though the whole world is against him.

With that, Karl changed his mind and reported, “Mr. Hayes, if there’s nothing else, I’ll bring Robert back. Don’t worry. I’ll make sure he never left the Hayes Residence alive.”

Upon saying that, Karl left the scene along with his men and Robert.

He could read me well.

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