The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 360

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 360

Roxanne closed in on him. Seeing how cold and indifferent he was toward her, a wave of emotions stirred up within her. Like a crumbling river bank, she could collapse any moment.

“Sebastian, look me in the eyes and tell me the truth.”

“Let go of me. Are you crazy? Why did you come here all the way and make such an awful scene in the middle of the night?”

Enraged, Sebastian swung her arm away and went upstairs.

At that moment, Roxanne knew that her last hope was shattered.

He’s well-aware what I meant when I asked him to look into my eyes. But, he refused to do so. He’s avoiding eye-contact with me. What does that tell me?

Roxanne was up in arms over Sebastian’s attitude. She dashed toward him.


It was a very weird bell.

Sebastian stopped in his tracks and started losing his senses.


“It’s okay to fail the first time. We can try it again. Come over here, Sebastian, let us forget those unhappy incidents. Be good… Come…”

Holding a bell in her hand, Roxanne was pacifying a towering figure by the stairwell.

Sebastian was stunned as he felt a cold chill down his spine.

Knowing how good she was in the psychological realm, he had been very wary of her.

However, there was nothing he could do about it once she took out her bell. Even her grandfather would not be able to control her.

Gradually, Sebastian’s mind was turning blank.

“No… Roxanne, no…”

“It’s all right, dear. Don’t you want to forget about that woman? Have you forgotten the pain she’s brought you? It took you a long while to walk out of that abyss. Sebastian, you can’t go back into that pit again.”

Right then, Sebastian was holding his head, struggling in agony. Step by step, Roxanne approached him. She stretched out her hand, trying to console him.

Before she could touch him, he flung her away and yelled, “Get lost!”

Roxanne went quiet.

For a second, her arm which was hung mid-air stiffened. The next moment, she saw red and shook the bell even faster.

What an impudent brute!

I’ve been giving my all to grow this relationship for over a decade. I’ve spent so much effort pleasing you. Yet, you did nothing in return and never once appreciated me for who I am!

He knows very well that the woman will destroy him. It has happened once and it will surely happen again. However, he’s like a fool, still betting on her. Is he out of his mind?

Blinded by her blazing fury, Roxanne began using the highest frequency to hypnotize him. It was a method which might be detrimental to his wellbeing.

As a result, the livid man quietened down amidst the sound of her bell. It was a deja vu, like what took place over ten years ago. Then, he let her take him to the couch without protest.



“Do you know who I am?”

“Ms… Rocke…” Sebastian murmured these words while dozing off.

Ms. Rocke. Yes, that’s what he used to call me when he was sent abroad for treatment.

A smug settled upon Roxanne’s face. Just when she was about to lay him down, a bullet flew in unexpectedly from outside and smashed onto the TV screen.


A loud noise resonated through the French windows and across the room.

Roxanne was shocked to the core.

Before she could recollect herself, the man in her arms widened his eyes in horror as he covered his ears, and moaned in agony.

“Sebastian! Sebastian!” panic-stricken, Roxanne screamed at the top of her lungs. She knelt down to check on him, only to realize that he had curled up in a fetal position. Blood was gushing out from both of his ears and filled his eyes.

“No, this can’t be it…”

Looking ghastly like a corpse, she could not believe her eyes.

No one knew better than her what the situation meant.

Upon hearing the gunshot, Karl and the others rushed to the scene. Like a bloodthirsty devil, Sebastian rose to his feet and dragged the wailing Roxanne into the kitchen.

“Please, don’t, Mr. Hayes!”

Extremely terrified, everyone followed him into the kitchen.

The children were awakened by the commotion. Thankfully, Wendy retained them upstairs.

“What happened to… Daddy?”

Matteo caught a glimpse of the gruesome scene before Wendy came into their room. It was his first time seeing the frightful side of his father. Scared out of his wits, he hid himself in Wendy’s embrace as he trembled violently.

Ian, on the other hand, went as white as the sheet.

Terribly shaken, that was also the first time he had seen his father in a grisly image.

Fortunately, Karl was able to subdue Sebastian by knocking him out and taking him away.

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