The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 361

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 361

“Karl, where are you taking Mr. Hayes?”

“Don’t worry, Wendy. I’m bringing him to see Mr. Hayes Sr. Please stay here and take care of the two children. Don’t let them roam around, okay?” reminded Karl.

The situation was bad, considering how things had developed up till this point. A bullet had triggered Sebastian unexpectedly.

Karl took Roxanne too as they left Frontier Bay and locked up the entire place.

A storm seems to be coming its way…

Meanwhile, Sasha slept very well that night.

She had no memory of how she got back safely when she woke up in the morning. Staring at the crystal chandelier above her head and the white sheets underneath her, she slowly recalled what happened last night.

So, I’m in a hotel? Did Sebastian send me here?

A warm, fuzzy feeling rose within her at the thought of it. When she was about to go wash up, she noticed two paper bags on the other side of the bed. She took a peep inside and found two brand new sets of women’s clothing.

These are…”

Ring! Ring! Ring!


“Hi, good morning! May I know if you’re up and if you’d like some breakfast in bed?”

It was the receptionist checking in on her preference.

Stupefied, Sasha asked directly, “Who made this arrangement?”

The receptionist replied, “It was the gentleman who sent you back last night. He has ordered breakfast for you and also paid for the room.”

Sasha staggered.

Conflicted, she did not know how to respond. “What about the clothes?” she asked naively while staring at the two bags in her hand.

“The gentleman has instructed us to get them ready for you. Miss, shall we send your breakfast up now?” asked the receptionist again, politely.

Sasha agreed, then hung up the phone.

Why is he so nice all of a sudden?

This is very uncharacteristic of him to bring me to a hotel and thoughtfully prepare everything for me.

Hmm, has he… not lost his memory?”

Unwittingly, that thought flashed through her mind while showering, but she dismissed it soon enough as she recalled his clarification.

He said he’s doing all these for the sake of the two kids.

Therefore, I shouldn’t feel too strange about these arrangements.

Moreover, how could Roxanne’s hypnosis fail?

After having breakfast, Sasha left the hotel around ten o’clock.

“Have you read the news? It’s reported that the President of Hayes Corporation has mental illness. He killed his fiancée last night!”

“No way!”

As Sasha was hailing for a cab at the hotel entrance, she overheard two girls gossiping while reading from their phones.

What are they talking about? The President of Hayes Corporation murdered his fiancée?

Dumbfounded, she hurriedly turned and caught up with the two girls. “What did you say? Someone was murdered? By whom?”

“Huh? It’s the President of Hayes Corporation. Didn’t you read the shocking news? It’s all over the Internet now.”

The two girls were startled by a sudden, random question from a stranger.

Seeing that it was another young lady, they willingly shared their phones with Sasha to have a look.

Sasha’s eyes widened, aghast at the bolded headline. The President of Hayes Corporation, A Possible Mental Patient.

Oh no, how could it be? Where is there such a news?

Immediately, Sasha took her phone out with trembling hands and tried to confirm what she had just read.

Lo and behold, the same news had gone viral on every single related websites and social media platforms. The topic about the man who was suspected of having a mental disorder dominated all search engines and exploded the online traffic.

How can this be? What’s going on? He was all right before we separated last night.

Sasha could not even hold her phone probably. The more she read about it, the more exasperated she became. Clicking on the last page of the hundreds of thousands of comments led her to a video clip.

It was one which was secretly shot in Frontier Bay.

The clip was quite blurry. However, one could see that a familiar male figure was dragging a woman across the living room, in a brightly lit villa.

“Ahh!” A series of shrieks of terror and pain could be clearly heard, as if the woman was starring in a gory horror film.

Instantly, Sasha shut her eyes as the phone fell off from her hands with a thud.

“Are you okay? You dropped your phone,” a concerned passerby asked after seeing Sasha waddled a few steps.

She was completely baffled.

How could I be okay?

Although she was not related to Sebastian anymore, she still found him close to her heart. It was not easy for her to cut off all ties and feel nothing when something so severe had happened.

Picking up her phone, she got into a cab in unsteady steps, and headed to Frontier Bay.

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