The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 365

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 365

In the end, Sasha did not go out to see Sebastian. Instead, she had Brandon help her book a flight to Moranta and departed the same afternoon.

That dignified and distinguished man made a reappearance at the press conference Hayes Corporation hosted two days after, at which he stood with the same poise befitting of the king of this city under the focus of the spotlight.

Beside him in accompaniment was his lovely fiancée.

Although the ballyhoo surrounding Hayes Corporation was ultimately suppressed by Frederick, answers were needed to maintain order.

Hence, everyone bore witness as the president of Hayes Corporation announced the restructuring of the lineup to their board of directors.

A restructuring?

That roused a commotion amongst members of the press as a restructuring was no small matter, especially for such a sizeable company.

The President swiftly offered up a reasonable explanation, stating that the scandal surrounding him, which blew up on the internet, was the handiwork of a few members of the board of directors, who had since been arrested by the police.

This declaration sent shockwaves throughout the room again.

Following that, the young lady of the Rocke family, who was previously rumored to have been killed by the president of Hayes Corporation, went on to explain that the photographs captured that day were a mere depiction of some sexy games she and her fiancé indulged in.

It was a revelation that left the reporters deflated, and with that, the headline-grabbing fiasco was finally brought to a close.

After two days of intense grilling under duress in a basement somewhere, the board director by the name of Young finally admitted to being part of a conspiracy.

“I was working with Roderick who promised me more shares when his son Robert ascended to a position of power.”


The interrogator Karl appeared displeased because that was not the answer which he sought.

With Roderick dead and Robert still locked up at the Hayes residence after being beaten to a pulp by the President that night, a killer could not have been hired and sent out to Frontier Bay on such short notice.

Finding the whole situation highly unusual, Karl went to the office to find Sebastian after the questioning had been concluded.

“According to my analysis, Robert could not have been the killer from that night, so this bullet must have come from someone else.”

He fished out the bullet again and placed it on the desk before him.

Sebastian rested with his eyes closed as he was still a little out of sorts. There was a streak of wanness to his chiseled visage.

Several seconds passed before he slowly lifted his lids. “It wasn’t him, to begin with. A useless good-for-nothing like Robert could never have devised a plan as meticulous as this.”

“Which means to say?”

“Comb through all the records available on that scumbag. Whoever he came into contact with and whatever he did, I want to know!”

“Yes, Mr. Hayes.”

There was a shift in Karl’s expression during his prompt affirmation as it would be truly terrifying if Robert was indeed someone else’s pawn as his boss suggested.

That had him wondering who the person who manipulated that father and son pair was, and more importantly, what was that person’s underlying motive for going against someone so formidable.

Karl suppressed his own astonishment while he made his way out of the office.

Upon his exit, he chanced upon a young woman coming toward the president’s office from the opposite direction. Decked out in a white blouse coupled with the most trendy skirt from a major label and a pair of Rhinestone encrusted heels underfoot, she looked unbelievably exquisite in her getup.

Karl promptly retreated to the side. “You’re back, Ms. Rocke.”

“Yes. Is your president inside?”

Roxanne lifted her gaze toward the office across from them with a thermal lunchbox in hand.

Karl nodded copiously. “Yes. Thank you for making the effort to prepare and deliver lunch for our president.”

“It’s nothing. He’s just recovered, so we need to be more attentive. Alright, don’t mind me. I have to get this soup to him while it’s still hot.”

Roxanne left him with that before she walked past him with the lunchbox.

Karl tracked her movements past the open doors to the office and noticed that the woman left the lunchbox directly on the sprawling desk before she skirted around to the other side.

“How are you feeling, Sebastian? Are you feeling any sort of discomfort?” she said with a voice tender to a tee.

Through the slit in the still unlatched door, Karl also noted a fair hand being laid upon the forehead of the seated man inside in tandem with that voice, which the man made no attempt to dodge.

The former watched on without comment and thought that nothing really mattered so long as his boss was happy.

Elsewhere in Moranta.

Sasha swiftly immersed herself in her work the moment she returned.

She was trying to keep herself from falling to the wayside by keeping busy every waking hour, which seemed to help.

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