The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 366

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 366

“Sha, Andy asked if you would like to take on this project. But I do have to warn you, it’s kind of complicated despite having a huge budget to work with,” Lance told Sasha as soon as she arrived home after fetching her daughter.

It had been a month, and Sasha had her focus on her daughter all this while.

As for Andy, it seemed like he was doing pretty well on his own.

Wall Street titans like him enjoyed dealing with illegal businesses. Nevertheless, he recognized Sasha’s outstanding talent and ability.

Thus, he would hand over legitimate projects to her.

Sasha placed her daughter on the sofa and headed toward the study to go through the so-called complex project.

“This is situated in a war zone?”

“Indeed. Andy mentioned that it is a legit business although it’s in a warzone. A well-known local oil company is interested in collaborating with a pharmaceutical partner. Apparently, they’re in urgent need of such resources,” Lance explained in detail.

Yup, this does sound like something Andy would have done. After all, there are things that you can’t obtain in some countries even if you have all the money in the world.

As for this company, it needed a briefcase company to make things work.

Coincidentally, Andy offers such services.

Sasha flipped through the documents and did some calculations in her head. To her surprise, she realized she would earn millions from this particular project, and her interest was piqued.

“I’ll do it. It says here that we don’t necessarily have to meet them on site. So, let’s arrange a meeting in a safer nearby city to discuss the details.”

“Alright, let me ask.” Lance quickly went to work.

Sasha, on the other hand, left the study and headed to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

“Sweetie, what would you like for dinner? Mommy will make whatever you want.”

“Hmm… Then can I have drumsticks for dinner? I would like a big one, okay, Mummy? I can eat a huge drumstick!” she answered sweetly.

Vivian was sitting on the sofa, folding paper planes, when she heard Sasha’s question.

Sasha chuckled.

I wonder why does she like drumsticks so much? She’s always asking for the same thing.

Sasha grinned and went to the kitchen.

Little did Sasha know, Vivian quickly got off the sofa as soon she saw Sasha returning to the kitchen. She quietly snuck into the bedroom to make a call.

“Hello? Matt? Ian? It’s me.”

“Hello? Is that you, Vivian? Have you had dinner?”

Her brothers weren’t surprised to receive her call. It seemed like they had figured out that Vivi would call at this hour.

Vivian smiled happily and answered, “Not yet. Mommy’s making dinner now. Guess what? I’m having drumsticks tonight! What about you?”

Both Matteo and Ian hesitated to answer her as they were sad when they heard her words.

Vivi gets to eat Mommy’s homemade drumsticks, but we can only eat that woman’s cooking.

“Matt? Ian? Why aren’t you saying anything? Has Daddy gotten better now? Has he thought of Mommy? When will he come and visit me?” Vivian asked once again.

It’s been so long since I’ve last seen Daddy, Matt, and Ian.

Matteo’s mood went sour at Vivian’s questions. “Not yet. He’s always at Ms. Rocke’s place, and Daddy hasn’t mentioned a word about Mommy.”

“Huh? Does that mean he won’t remember Mommy?”

Vivian’s large eyes began to turn red as tears welled up in them.

Ian heard Vivi’s choked-up voice and quickly grabbed the smartwatch. “No, Vivi, don’t worry. We’ll help Daddy remember Mommy.”

Vivian felt better and asked, “Really?”

Ian nodded in determination. “Yes. I promise!”

That’s right. As the eldest child in the family, I won’t allow Daddy and Mommy to be separated. So what if that woman erased his memory? I will help Daddy get his memory back.

Vivian was pleased when she heard her brother’s promise. Hence, she had a good appetite during dinner. Sasha noticed that Vivian managed to finish both of the drumsticks she had made.

Was it that good? Sasha wondered as she smiled at the scene.

Then, the mother and daughter had a good night’s sleep.

The next day, Sasha asked Lance to send Vivian to preschool before she headed to Wall Street.

“Good morning, is Mr. Rind here yet?”

“Not yet. A client was urgently looking for him last night. The client told him to undersell the stocks as soon as the stock market opens today,” Andy’s assistant explained.

Undersell everything? Wouldn’t that lead to bankruptcy?

Sasha couldn’t help but ask, “Who was it? Does this person not want his company anymore?”

The assistant answered, “I guess so. It’s called… Prime Cloud Corporation, if I’m not mistaken.”

Prime Cloud Corporation?

Sasha was stunned when she heard the name of the company.

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