The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 367

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 367

Sasha had not met Solomon ever since they fell out at the airport six months ago.

In fact, she would have forgotten about him if he hadn’t approached Andy to liquidate his company. Similarly, their encounter wouldn’t have taken place.

When Andy brought Solomon into the company, he noticed Sasha. As he approached her, he suggested, “Nancy, since you’re both friends, why don’t I leave this to you?”

Sasha hesitated.

Although she was very unwilling, she still agreed to his request. After all, Andy was her boss, and she couldn’t reject him without a logical reason.

Seeing him for the first time after six months, Sasha noticed that Solomon had lost a lot of weight. In contrast to the cheery person she used to know, the man before her seemed sullen, and his disheveled beard made him look like a completely different person.

“Take a seat. I’ll get you a glass of water.” Sasha led him to her office and poured him a glass of water.

Solomon was taken back by her courtesy and said, “Thank you.”

Sasha eyed him emotionlessly as she returned to her desk. “What happened? How did your company become like this? I thought that it was doing pretty well.”

“Indeed. However, many things have happened in the past six months. The staff responsible for software development imitated someone else’s work and was sued in court. Hence, I was forced to pay a heavy compensation that led to the downfall of my company.” Solomon smiled bitterly as he held the glass of water in hand.

Sasha remained silent as she listened to his story.

She was unsure of what to say, so she decided to turn on the computer to prepare for the sellout.

Fortunately, Solomon came at the right time. The reputation of Prime Cloud Corporation’s stocks had not been ruined yet. Hence, Sasha was able to catch the public’s eye, and many people began to buy in at a large amount.

“It’s done. You can probably receive the money by tomorrow.”

“Alright. Thank you, Nancy.” He let out a sigh of relief.

Sasha replied indifferently, “No problem. This is purely business. I’m only helping you since you’re paying me a commission. I’m just doing my job,” she answered in a business-like manner.

Solomon went pale but did not say a word. After getting to his feet, he left the room.

Sasha did not meet his gaze. Instead, she picked up her pen and got back to work as soon as he stepped out of the room. However, she heard a loud thump moments later.

“Oh my god! What happened to him? Why did he faint? Nancy? Nancy! Your client passed out! Come quick!”

Sasha sprang from her chair and ran out of her office to see the man passed out cold on the ground.

How did this happen?

Sasha did not have the chance to ask Andy about the project and brought Solomon home straight away.

“Uncle Solomon? Why’s he here?” Vivian asked in surprise as she watched them.

Lance was equally surprised, frowning at the duo.

“He’s sick. So he’ll be staying for the night,” Sasha explained briefly.

Lance quickly went to clean up the guestroom. As for Vivian, she took one last glance behind Sasha before she ran to the bedroom to call her brothers.

I have to tell them this news. This Uncle Solomon, who once wanted to be their daddy, is here again! If Daddy doesn’t come now, Mommy’s going to run away with someone else!

Yet, Sasha did not notice Vivian’s mood change.

Once she brought Solomon home, she took him to a room and put him on a glucose drip before she left.

He was not suffering from any disease but merely physical exhaustion. Andy knew about his condition and recalled that Sasha was a doctor herself. Hence, he proposed that Sasha took care of him.

Sasha was at a loss for what to do when she heard his request. Nevertheless, she brought him back.

However, Lance had expressed great dislike and indifference toward Solomon.

I wonder if it’s because Solomon deceived me in the past. That night, Lance pretended not to hear her whenever Sasha asked him to take care of Solomon.

“Sha, I’ll take Vivi to bed now. She has to be up early tomorrow for school.”

“Alright. Go ahead.”

Sasha sighed as she watched them head up to bed.

Thus, Sasha took up the role of taking care of Solomon the entire night. She eventually dozed off by his bedside as she had to constantly check on his drip.

The next day, Solomon did not dare to move when he came to because he was afraid of waking Sasha up.

As the first ray of sunlight hit the room, he stretched out his hand to touch Sasha’s head that was resting by his bed.

Unfortunately, things did not go as he expected.

“Mommy, are you awake?”

A sweet and young voice was heard as the door was opened with a loud bang.

It was Vivian.

Solomon quickly retracted his hand and pretended to be asleep.

However, Lance’s face darkened as he saw what happened when he entered the room with Vivian.

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