The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 368

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 368

Lance could not take it anymore as he dragged Sasha out of the room and asked, “Sha, you’ll make him leave today, right?”

Sasha had the same idea in mind.

“Of course. I’ll take him to the office once he wakes up. He’ll leave as soon as he gets his money.”

“Alright, then I’ll send Vivian to preschool and buy some food on my way back. We’ll wait for you to have dinner together,” Lance said. He then picked up Vivian and left.

It didn’t take long before Sasha and Solomon left for the office as well.

Solomon yearned to stay in the house a little longer. In fact, he wanted to stay for good. Yet, Sasha was very cold toward him. Hence, he had no chance to even strike a negotiation with her.

“You’ll be able to get the money today. So as soon as you receive it, you may go to Andy, and he’ll tell you what to do next.”

“Alright,” Solomon replied.

Sasha went straight to her computer when she arrived at the office to conduct the sellout as soon as the stock market opened.

To her surprise, the stocks that were doing well yesterday had dropped dangerously low today minutes after the stock market opened.

How did this happen?

Sasha’s expression hardened as she rushed out of her office to Andy.

“Mr. Rind, what’s going on? Why have Prime Cloud Corporation’s stocks plunged?”

“I have no idea. I just realized it as well.” Andy’s expression was solemn as he understood how serious the situation was.

A bad feeling crept up on Sasha when she asked, “So what do we do now?”

“Let me check what’s going on, alright? You should talk to Mr. George and make sure he’s alright. I’ll update you as soon as I find out what’s wrong.” He frowned.

Sasha suddenly felt a wave of irritation gushing through her veins.

Half an hour later, Andy contacted her and told her that someone had reported them to the authorities.

“Report? But why? These aren’t stocks from a multinational corporation but a small information technology company. It’s not like we’d cause stock turbulence. Why were we reported?”

Sasha could not understand the reason behind the situation, and neither could Andy.

Nevertheless, one couldn’t reverse something that had happened, so Sasha and Andy could only think of a solution to solve the problem.

With that, Sasha spent the entire day working on the case and nothing else. But she still could not find a solution by the end of the day and was forced to bring Solomon home again.

Lance froze when he saw Solomon entering the house.

“Erm, I’m afraid he’ll have to stay another night here due to unforeseen circumstances. But don’t worry. It’s just one more night. I promise I’ll settle things by tomorrow and get him to leave, okay?” Sasha said cautiously when she saw the look on his face.

Lance glanced at her coldly and finally said, “Well then, I’ll see if you can keep your promise tomorrow.”

Then, he took Vivian, who looked equally unhappy back to her room.

Sasha creased her eyebrows, unsure of what else she could say to make them feel better.

“Why don’t… I stay at a hotel for the night? I don’t want to put you in a difficult position,” Solomon suggested.

Unbeknownst to Sasha, Solomon had been standing behind her. He was forced to make such a suggestion when he noticed that Lance and Vivian did not welcome him.

Sasha frowned at his words. She was tempted to say yes but decided against it when she noticed the dark sky outside. “Don’t mind them. They’re kids.” She waved dismissively.

Then, she walked to the kitchen to prepare dinner.

Sasha didn’t think it was a serious matter as she believed that this challenge could be overcome with both Andy’s industry experience and her capability.

I know we can definitely get through this by tomorrow.

However, reality had proved her wrong the next day.

“I found out what’s wrong. It was the company that sued Prime Cloud Corporation. They might have realized what Mr. George was trying to do. Hence, they had their eyes on you the moment you released the stocks yesterday.”

“W-What do we do now?”

Sasha almost lost her patience when she heard the news.

Andy shrugged. “There’s nothing we can do now but go by the procedure. Thank goodness you were the one in charge of this case. Thus, it’s not as terrible as it could have been. Anyway, I believe the Chanaea Banking Regulatory Commission would release the case once it’s been reviewed.”

“How long would that take?”

“A week, I guess,” Andy said.

Damn! Sasha cursed inwardly.

Fortunately, Solomon took the initiative to book a hotel and told her that he would only approach her when necessary.

Sasha sighed in relief. She was initially panicking and racking her brain for an excuse to tell Lance and Vivian about Solomon’s prolonged stay.

Sasha even bought some desserts for Lance and Vivian when she got off work. Hopefully, this would lighten things up between us.

“Huh? Sweetie, why are you playing alone? Where’s Uncle Lance?”

“I don’t know…” she answered as she fiddled with her toy enthusiastically, feeling upset after the call with her brothers.

Matt and Ian said they’ve tried to help Daddy regain his memory, but it didn’t work. Daddy doesn’t remember a thing. Besides, he warned them not to mention Mommy anymore. Daddy doesn’t even remember the times he spent with Mommy. So how could he possibly remember who Mommy is?

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