The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 370

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 370


Sebastian’s face fell as his eyebrows furrowed into a frown. It was obvious that he was not happy with the arrangement.

Matteo remained silent as he eyed Ian cautiously.

Ian did not back down but continued, “Yes, reunite. You can’t disagree with this, Daddy. If you do, Matteo and I will not go to school from now onwards. Besides, I can’t promise you that we won’t run away from home to find Mommy in Moranta!”

Damn! Good job, Ian!

Sebastian was so angry that the veins on his forehead were visible. He would have scolded his son if Wendy hadn’t arrived at that moment.

“Mr. Hayes, why don’t you just grant them this wish since they’ve come to an agreement with their mommy. Come on… It is their birthday, after all.”

“Of course not, Wendy. There will be a second time once I agree to the first. After that, they would become dependent on her.”

To make things worse, Roxanne had arrived too.

Wendy’s expression turned sour when she noticed her arrival.

But she knew she did not have much say as a housemaid.

As expected, Sebastian objected to the idea as there was no one else left to convince him.

Furthermore, Sebastian had assigned two bodyguards to stay with both Matteo and Ian all day. He wanted to prevent the matter Ian had mentioned from happening.

Ian said irritatedly, “You’re so mean, and I’m greatly disappointed in you. Mommy’s already taking the first step, and yet you’re still upset with her. Man up, will you?”

Then, he threw his backpack onto the ground and ran away, crying.

The doorway went dead silent. Everyone, including Wendy, Roxanne, Matteo, and the others, did not dare say a word.

Wendy was happy and worried at the same time. While she was glad that the child stood up to his daddy like that, she was also afraid that Mr. Hayes would react negatively.

However, she was disappointed as Sebastian was only stunned for a moment before he flew into a rage.

He bellowed as he watched Ian throw the small backpack on the ground and lock himself in his room, “Ian, you come back here this instance! Are you asking for a beating?”

Matteo did not dare speak as he froze by the door.

The glimmer of hope that was once in his eyes vanished instantly.

Meanwhile, Sasha did not sleep well that night.

She noticed that Lance was still very cold toward her, barely speaking to her during dinner.

Perhaps he knew that Solomon hasn’t gone yet?

Sasha let out a sigh as she made up her mind to accept the oil tycoon’s project. With that, she would approach Andy regarding it once she arrived at the office tomorrow. Then, she could use that as an excuse to get someone else to take over Solomon’s case.

The next day, Lance was still very cold toward Sasha when he took Vivian to preschool.

“Hey, I’m going to take up the project today, and I’ll fly over to Corleon once I do.”

“Really?” Lance’s eyes lit up.

Sasha was amused when she noticed the change in his attitude. At the same time, she was rather touched as she knew only her family would be truly concerned about her. Solomon had lied to me in the past. Thus, it made sense that Lance didn’t welcome him into our home.

Lance was overjoyed when he heard about Sasha’s decision and sent her to work with a smile hung on his face.

True enough, Andy handed the project over to Sasha in a couple of hours.

When Sasha was leaving the room, Andy stopped her in her tracks and said, “Nancy, I would suggest that you take a lawyer with you for this project.”

“Why?” Sasha looked at him, confused. “Why do I need a lawyer? There has never been such a precedent before.”

Andy nodded in agreement.

He then quickly took out a faxed document from his drawer and handed it to her.

“The company is located in a high-risk zone. So, they’re accustomed to on-the-spot transactions during business meetings. With a lawyer present, they can ensure the validity of the contract and the transaction.”

Wow, that’s pretty incredible! I didn’t know people over there conduct transactions on the spot!

Sasha had no choice but to go with his idea. “Alright. Could you arrange a suitable candidate to tag along with me?”

Andy grinned and replied, “Well, that has already been arranged.”

“Who is it?”

“Mr. George, of course. He’s one of the best lawyers in the country! I believe the meeting would be as smooth as butter if you have him by your side,” Andy exclaimed.

With a strong urge to curse, Sasha secretly rolled her eyes.

What’s going on, man? Why does it feel like I’m stuck with him forever? I have no patience left to deal with him anymore!

Infuriated, she threatened Andy to get her a new lawyer, or he’d have to get another person to take over the project.

Sure enough, Lance brought up Sasha’s new project when she got home.

Sasha knew she couldn’t shrug this topic off easily without gaining suspicion from Lance, so she vaguely explained the situation to him and assured him that she had rejected Solomon as her lawyer for the project. She also told him that she had requested a new lawyer from Andy.

Yet, Lance did not throw a tantrum when he heard her explanation.

“Okay, I got it.”


Sasha could not wrap her head around his calm response.

Why’s he not mad?

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