The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 371

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 371

Meanwhile, Sasha had yet to get rid of the irritating man.

Andy called and asked, “Nancy, are you showing up for work today? The client has just called and insisted on having you over today.”

The startled Sasha gasped out her reply, “Huh? Are you serious?”

“I think it has something to do with their current situation—they need our help to keep things under control,” Andy made himself clear that Sasha needed to make her way over as soon as possible.

Unable to turn him down, Sasha made her way back to the office to realize that Andy had everything, including the ticket ready on her behalf.

To her surprise, he had gotten two tickets ready.


“Nancy, I know you’re against the idea of having Mr. George involved, but we don’t have time to get in touch with others. Just brace yourself through the trip with him.”

Andy tried his best to console the infuriated Sasha when he figured out that she was about to lose her cool.

Meanwhile, Solomon, who had long made his way to Andy’s office, brought himself up and greeted the duo when he heard their conversation, “Mr. Rind, It’s my honor to be of aid. I’m sure we’re going to get along with one another during the trip.”

As much as she was against the idea, she had no choice but to have him join her for the trip as she couldn’t afford to put her career at stake.

Sasha, who was on her way to the airport with Solomon, wouldn’t stop calling Lance as she hadn’t informed him of her upcoming trip.

“The number you have dialed is unavailable.”

“The number you have—”

Where the heck is Lance? Has something happened to him? Oh god! Should I make a trip home to make sure that everything’s fine before heading to the airport? Urgh!

Solomon, who was seated next to Sasha, noticed that she had her eyes glued to her phone with her face scrunched up in irritation. After much hesitation, he asked, “What’s wrong? Is everything fine?”

“I-It’s not a big deal, but I can’t seem to reach my cousin.”


Solomon was thrilled as Sasha had responded to him. He asked, “Maybe his phone is out of service for the time being. Why don’t you go ahead and try to reach the landline instead? If you’re able to get through the landline, it’s safe to assume that your cousin is currently away from home.”

Out of the blue, a light bulb went on in Sasha’s head when she heard him.

The call got through within a few seconds. As no one picked up the call, it was safe to assume that Lance wasn’t home.

Sasha felt a sense of relief and made up her mind to give it one last try the moment they reached the airport.

Unable to contain his excitement anymore, Solomon looked out the window with his pair of eyes gleaming and a bright grin hanging on his face.

He was no longer the sulking man he had been throughout the past few days.

Unfortunately, he was in a foul mood again the moment he saw someone as soon as they reached the airport.

Startled by her cousin’s presence, Sasha stammered, “L-Lennie, what are you doing here? Did someone send you here? Aren’t you—”

Unable to fathom the reason Lance was aware of their trip to Corleon, she gaped at his presence as he had reached the airport ahead of them.

What is he doing here? He had been staying in his room since his return last night. I mean, he didn’t even show up this morning to send Vivi to preschool! Most importantly, how did he get here ahead of us?

Lance glared at Sasha and asserted in a callous tone, “I found out that you’re making a trip abroad after getting in touch with your colleagues. Go get me a ticket as well.”

Sasha was rendered speechless by her cousin’s instructions.

On the other hand, Solomon couldn’t take it anymore. He stepped forward and explained, “Lance, I don’t think you’re supposed to tag along when we’re going there for business. It’s extremely dangerous. Also, don’t you have to look after Vivian?”

As soon as Sasha recalled her daughter, she exclaimed, “He’s right, Lennie! Why don’t you stay here to keep Vivi company? If she can’t find us, I’m sure she’s going to—”

She couldn’t even finish her sentence as her cousin interrupted her by asking with his brows furrowed, “Are you sure you’re not heading abroad for a leisure trip with him?”

Lance didn’t even bother to choose his words. Instead, he remarked sarcastically as if he had intended to pick on Solomon.

Sasha thought she was hearing things as the rhetorical question Lance had directed at Solomon sounded more like a warning.

Am I hearing things? Lance seems so different! Has he always been such a mean person? Although I have always allowed him to have his own way, I’m still older than him at the end of the day! Shouldn’t he show me some respect?

Sasha looked at Lance in disbelief and reprimanded him, “Hello? Are you sure you’re allowed to talk to me in this manner? We’re going abroad for business! I need you to stay here and look after Vivi!”

To her surprise, Lance asserted in a serious tone, “You don’t have to worry because I have sorted out everything before making my way here.”

Once again, Sasha was rendered speechless by the domineering man’s reply as she knew she wouldn’t be able to change his mind.

Well, he has been acting the same way since a few days ago. Forget about it. He’s only acting weird because Solomon’s joining my trip.

Sasha paid no heed to Lance’s odd behavior and got him a ticket for the same flight without a second thought.

After acquiring his ticket, Lance’s expression finally softened.

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