The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 374

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 374

Solomon couldn’t see the young man’s expression due to his fringe and his thick-framed glasses.

Nonetheless, the sarcasm in the young man’s remark was evident.

Upon hearing the innuendo in Lance’s words, Solomon turned pale as if he was slapped in the face.

He stuttered in return, “Lance, y-you—”

“That’s enough! Just give me a break!” Sasha, who had finally come out of the bathroom, yelled at the bickering duo with her face puckered in irritation.

Lance responded with a smirk and stopped picking on Solomon. After that, he retrieved his phone and continued with what he was doing.

The pale-faced Solomon, who had just embarrassed himself, started stuttering, “N-Nancy, I-I—”

“Why don’t you tell me the outcome of your visit? Has the client made up his mind to carry on with the transaction?”

“Yes! We’ll be heading over to meet him at the casino at 8 p.m.!”

Solomon shared the great news with Sasha immediately.

However, Sasha arched her brows in confusion when she heard that they would be heading over to the casino.

Although she had never been there, she knew it was a place with an intricate network since it was a casino in the middle of a warzone. In short, there were a lot of variables associated with their upcoming session.

“Nancy, are you worried? It’s fine! I’ll get everything sorted out!”

“Mr. George, thanks for the offer, but that won’t be necessary since Lance is around to keep me company. If there’s nothing else, why don’t you make your way back to Moranta first?”

Nancy brought up her suggestion in a callous tone as if he was just another stranger.

Solomon felt lightheaded, for his worst fear had become a reality.

Indeed, he had shown up at Andy’s company using Prime Cloud Corporation’s bankruptcy as an excuse just to return to Sasha’s side.

Initially, he thought things would go according to plan since Sasha was a simple-minded woman.

It’s that rascal’s fault—he has ruined my flawless plan!

While he was on his way out of the hotel, Solomon started emanating a menacing presence, intimidating those around him.

Unable to keep his curiosity in check, his assistant asked, “Sir, we have executed the plan discreetly. Have you accidentally exposed yourself? How did Ms. Nancy figure it out?”

Gritting his teeth in the car, Solomon answered, “It’s not her. It’s the rascal who has tagged along with her!”


His assistant was taken aback when he realized that the one who had ruined their plan was a fresh graduate.

“What are we supposed to do next? Are we really leaving?”

Staring at the bustling crowd on the streets, Solomon answered nonchalantly, “Get me a room for the night and send someone over to keep an eye on them. When they’re on their way to the casino, I want you to carry out our backup plan.”

His assistant immediately knew what he was supposed to do. Soon, the car departed and disappeared amidst the busy streets.

Meanwhile, Sasha and Lance, who were in their room, got themselves ready for the upcoming meeting.

“Lennie, have you gotten me another attorney?”


Lance was no longer in a foul mood since Solomon was gone.

Similarly, Sasha felt a sense of relief when she knew that Lance had acquired the aid of another attorney.

Nonetheless, she couldn’t help but feel anxious prior to their departure. She wouldn’t stop surveying their room when it was time to leave.

Seeing that, Lance came to a halt and asked, “Is there anything else you need?”

Sasha retracted her gaze immediately and stuttered in return, “H-Huh? O-Oh! I-I was wondering if we need to bring along a knife or something else to defend ourselves just in case things spiral out of control?”

Lance’s lips started twitching when he heard Sasha’s suggestion.

Is she trying to pull my leg or something? Is she not aware that we’re not allowed to bring any weapon into the casino? If we do so, we won’t even be able to enter the casino, let alone defend ourselves!

Lance took a few seconds to gather his thoughts. While he suppressed his urge to make fun of Sasha, he asserted, “That’s not going to work. However, if you’re afraid, we can get someone from the mafia to keep us safe.”

“A-Are you sure we can get someone like that to help us?”

“Well, it depends if you have enough to offer!”

“How much is it going to cost us?”

“About a million for a night.”

When Sasha heard him, she sprinted toward their room instantly. “What are you waiting for? I don’t mind spending a million to secure a deal worthy of ten million. After all, I still stand to gain nine million at the end of the day!”

To his surprise, she didn’t even flinch and made up her mind in a split second.

With that, the speechless Lance made his way back to the room and gathered the required sum.

As soon as they had the money they needed, they took a detour to an alley and acquired the aid of a renowned hitman. He happened to be the best in the industry since no one had been able to defeat him.

“What do you think?”

Thrilled, Sasha didn’t even hesitate as she declared, “I think he’s the right candidate for the job since he’s the best! I’m just glad that we’ll be able to make it out of the casino unscathed!”

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