The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 375

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 375

Half an hour later, the duo departed and made their way to the casino.

It was a place with an intricate network since people from all walks of life had gathered there with different agendas.

As soon as Sasha alighted from the car, she was stupefied by the lavish casino in front of her, where all sorts of luxury vehicles could be seen parked at the entrance. But the thing that took her by surprise the most was the door that was made out of gold.

Oh god! Is this some sort of gold mine?

As Sasha swallowed hard, she heard Lance asking, “What’s wrong? Are you afraid? “

Lance, who had been walking behind Sasha ever since they reached the casino, stepped forward and stood next to her when he noticed she stopping in her tracks.

Sasha shook her head and rebuked, “That’s not the case! Come on! I’ll show you the way around!”

Afraid of startling her younger cousin, she tried her best to put on a strong front.

Are you kidding me? How am I supposed to close the deal if I chicken out now?

After pulling herself together, she strode toward the entrance.

Unfortunately, as soon as they approached the entrance, the bouncer, who had never seen them before, rushed over and stopped them from entering the casino.

Subconsciously, she tapped on Lance’s shoulder and assured, “Don’t worry!”

Lance, who had been surveying the surroundings, looked at the hand on his shoulder when he felt someone grasping him out of nowhere.

Sasha shared the reason for her visit with the man at the entrance. “Hi, we’re here to see someone!”

“Someone? Who are you talking about?”

“We’re here for Mr. Coyle! He has asked us to meet him in person here!” Sasha reached for Dickson’s name card and handed it over to the bouncer.

I’m sure he has heard of this filthy rich tycoon since he’s a bigshot around here!

“Mr. Coyle has been anticipating your arrival. Please head upstairs and meet him in Room 303.”

Sasha secretly heaved a sigh of relief when the bouncer greeted her in a courteous manner and showed her the way upstairs once he saw the name card.

Immediately, she marched into the casino with Lance.

While they were making their way into the casino, she muttered, “Is it necessary to make a fuss out of everything? Lennie, you need to keep up with me, okay? If you’re lost, I might not be able to find you!”

She had no idea that the young man behind her couldn’t move his eyes away from her hand that was gripping his wrist.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to consider her hand miniature as it was merely half the size of his gigantic palm.

Afraid of losing him, she refused to loosen her grip. Despite being anxious herself, she showed no signs of setting him free at all.

Along the way, she repetitively reassured him that things would turn out just fine.

Silly woman!

Despite having that thought, a smile crept up on Lance’s face.

As soon as they reached the first floor, they found the designated room within a few minutes.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

“Who is it?”

The duo could tell from the sound of cards being shuffled that the people inside the room were in the middle of a game. Immediately after they heard the knock, someone rushed over to answer the door.

The moment Sasha saw a blondie answering the door, she introduced herself, “Hello, I’m here on behalf of Andy from Wall Street! I have an appointment with Mr. Coyle!”

“Andy? You acquired the service of a third party?”

The blondie responded with a frown and directed another question at those inside the room.

Sasha, who had always been observant, figured out that something was wrong the moment she heard the blondie’s question.

Did Dickson approach several companies at the same time?

“Luna, please don’t blame me since I’m just trying to make the most out of the deal. Isn’t that how business works?”

The moment Sasha pieced the puzzles together, a man with a bandana came to the door.

He had no intention to keep Sasha in the dark and rushed over to wrap his arms around the blondie when he saw that she was irked.

Sasha’s mind was all over the place as she was equally frustrated.

What the heck is wrong with this man? No! What the heck is wrong with Andy? Why did he collaborate with this man in the first place?

Sasha had no intention to join the intimate duo in the room. She asked, “Mr. Coyle, if you’re going to collaborate with this gorgeous lady over here, allow me to excuse myself.”

Having said that, she turned and left, which took the man by surprise.

He didn’t expect Sasha to be such a bold woman.

“Ms. Nancy, is it? I’m impressed! I’ll make you another offer since I like your attitude! How about two billion? What do you think?”

Two billion? That’s a few folds of his initial offer! Damn!

Tempted by the tycoon’s offer, Sasha brought herself to a halt.

Standing behind her, Lance’s lips twitched involuntarily upon seeing that.

In the end, Sasha joined the man in the room and found out that there were a few other guests as well. The moment she entered the room, they shifted their gazes to her.

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