The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 376

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 376

One of them approached her and exclaimed, “It’s such a rare occasion to have an Astorian with us today!”

“Actually, she seems quite young! Andy is quite a big shot on Wall Street, isn’t he? Why did he send a pretty young thing on his behalf? Has he a new kink or something?”

The next moment, they felt someone behind the woman glaring at them.

All of a sudden, they felt a chill running down their spines and went dead silent instantly.

“Come over and join us, Ms. Nancy! Luna over here is trying to seal a deal with me as well! We’ll just see if you’re a match for her! If you’re able to outmatch her, I’ll seal the deal with you!”

“What exactly are we supposed to do?”

Sasha was confident that she would stand a chance against the blondie if she could help the tycoon gain a higher profit.

Unfortunately, he suggested something else instead, “Since we’re at a casino, of course we’re going to gamble. They’re all my friends, and I’ll seal the deal with the one who’s able to outmatch them!”

Has he lost his mind or something?

Sasha stared at Dickson with widened eyes and retorted, “Mr. Coyle, don’t you think you should take this matter seriously when it involves more than two billion? On top of that, I don’t really how to play your games!”

Dickson replied with a frown, “It’s such a shame. On top of the two billion deal, I thought of offering the commission for the oilfield that I’ve won from them to the winner. But since you’re not interested, I’m afraid—”

What the hell? Is he out of his mind?

On the verge of throwing a fit, Sasha decided that it was time to leave the lunatics for good.

However, a haughty voice broke the silence at that moment. “Don’t you think it’s too stingy of you to offer only the commission when you possess a freaking oilfield? If you’re willing to offer ten percent of future receivables, I’ll consider doing it.”

To everyone’s surprise, the young man behind the helpless Sasha, Lance, volunteered to participate in their game.

What does he think he’s doing? Is he really a match for them in gambling?

Sasha tried to stop him, but it was too late as Dickson had shifted his gaze to Lance and asked, “You’ve got guts! Consider it a deal! But what if you’re not a match for my friends over here?”

“You’ll get to seal the deal with that gorgeous lady over there! On top of that, I’ll get my cousin over here to work for you for free for two years! She’s one of the best in the industry and the prodigy of Wall Street!”

Sasha was on the verge of going berserk when Lance wagered her future without her consent.

She started strangling him and yelled, “What the heck do you think you’re doing, Lance? Have you lost your mind or something?”

Lance shrieked in pain, “Let go of me!”

“No! I’m not going to do that until you take back your words!”

Unable to withstand the racking sensation he felt, he grasped Sasha’s wrist and asserted in a hushed voice, “Just take it easy! I have everything under control!”

Sasha’s eyes widened in disbelief. She looked him in the eye and asked, “What do you mean you have everything under control when you’re not even aware of the game rules?”

“It’s a piece of cake since I’m good at games! Just leave the rest to me and allow me to make you a filthy rich woman overnight!”

Letting her go, he marched his way to join the rest at the table.

It took Sasha a few minutes to snap out of her bewilderment. As soon as she returned to her senses, she rushed over and took a seat behind him.

Truth be told, Dickson and his friends weren’t the only ones who enjoyed wagering their fortunes for fun.

Since the country had been blessed with an abundance of natural resources, the citizens had long gotten used to having such exciting games as their favorite pastime.

Dickson must have set us up since he had lost in a few matches against his friends. I think he’s using us to get back the things he has lost.

Sasha, who was seated next to Lance, was on pins and needles since a person’s luck was crucial in probability games.

Soon, the players, including Lance, acquired their cards from the croupier. Lance carried himself as if it was nothing more than a casual game.

However, the blondie started frowning as soon as she took a peek at her cards. As expected, she was eliminated after another few rounds.

Sasha was confused when Lance and two of Dickson’s friends were the only ones left in the game.

However, she wasn’t as anxious as before after seeing her cousin’s calm demeanor.

Toward the end of the game, Lance had merely a few cards left with him.

“Mr. Wand, are you sure you want to keep going? You’re aware you’re not going to defeat me even with a royal flush, aren’t you?”

When Dickson’s friends found out that Lance only had two cards left, they couldn’t resist the urge to make fun of him.

As soon as Dickson heard his friends’ sarcastic remarks, his expression darkened as well.

H-Huh? What’s going on? Are we in trouble?

Sensing the uneasiness in the air, Sasha’s heart sank to the bottom of her stomach.

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