The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 377

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 377

After Lance dealt the only cards he had, the duo burst out laughing because their speculations were spot on.

“Hahaha! You have lost again! In other words, we’re going to gain ownership of another oilfield of yours, Dickson!”

“Why are you guys so excited when it’s not even over yet? Allow me to show both of you how I’m going to turn the tables against all odds!”

The moment Lance started running his fingers across the cards he had dealt, the combination of cards turned into a royal flush, which happened to be the rarest and strongest hand in poker.

What’s going on?

There was an uproar coming from the onlookers in the room. Similarly, Dickson stared at the cards with his eyes widened in disbelief.

“What’s going on? What just happened to the cards?”

“Isn’t it obvious? Someone has been messing with your cards!” Lance reached for another few cards and started separating the cards with his slender fingers.

Sasha had her eyes glued to his fingers while Dickson started examining the cards Lance had just separated in front of everyone.

Suddenly, the infuriated Dickson turned around and glared at his friends. He yelled, “Have you been cheating throughout the games?”

“N-No! It’s not what it looks like!”

“Stop making excuses to deceive me when the truth is as clear as day!” The wrathful tycoon went berserk in front of everyone and hurled a chair in the direction of his friends.

Lance knew things had spiraled out of control. Immediately after he grasped the dazed woman next to him, he dragged her out of the room with all his might.

“It’s time to go!”


Sasha, who was still in a state of bewilderment, had something else in mind which was equally mind-blowing as the fact that Lance had exposed the duo cheating.

She couldn’t snap out of her trance ever since that particular thought crossed her mind a few minutes ago.


As things got increasingly intense upstairs, gunshots could be heard firing just moments after they fled the scene.

When Lance heard it, he dashed down the stairs with Sasha as quickly as possible.

All of a sudden, someone in the jam-packed casino yelled, “They’re coming again! Hurry up and run for your life!”

Seconds later, all hell broke loose in the casino as everyone started running in different directions. To make things worse, gunshots could be heard outside the casino.

Holy moly! Why did I even agree to make the trip in the first place?

Only then did Sasha return to her senses and feel her legs turning to jelly. With that, she collapsed onto the ground in fright. After all, she had never been to a warring country before.

Lance pulled her over with all his might and yelled, “Sasha!”

Slouching against the man, she felt a sense of security when she caught a whiff of a familiar scent coming from him.

Sasha was lost in thought again and snapped out of it only after they made their way into a car.

She couldn’t recall anything apart from the fact that she had been carried and brought out of the casino.

While Lance fastened the seatbelt for her, he noticed her eyes flickering and gazed at her with concern. “How are you feeling?”

His chest heaved while he panted for breath.

When Sasha raised her head and looked at him, she caught a whiff of blood. Immediately, she asked, “Are you hurt?”

She started scrutinizing the man in front of her, her face puckered in fear.

Lance waved dismissively and started wiping the blood off his wounds.

“It’s just a bruise. We should consider ourselves lucky since we’re able to make it out unscathed when the casino has been blown into pieces,” he replied calmly.

The casino has been blown up?

Sasha started shivering in fear when she heard that, and it took her a few minutes to gather her thoughts.

“H-How did we manage to make it out alive?”

“Have you forgotten the hitman we hired?”

“Oh! So we’re alive because of him! Well, I guess he’s the best for a reason, huh? I’m glad we didn’t spend that one million for nothing!”

Sasha started jumping for joy, but the young man in front of her went dead silent.

When Sasha glanced at him, a thought struck her. She started searching high and low for something and asked, “Where’s my phone? Have you seen my phone?”

“Why do you need your phone?”

“We need to board the next available flight and get ourselves out of here as soon as possible! Otherwise, we won’t even last another day!” Immediately after she retrieved her phone, she started purchasing the tickets for the next available flight.

Lance stopped her and took her phone away when he heard her plan.

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