The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 379

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 379

“Shall we find out his current whereabouts or inform him of our arrival first? I mean, we’re not supposed to show up unannounced after such a horrifying incident, right?”

Sasha had no idea about the things going on in the young man’s mind as she was busy sorting out their plan for the day.

Immediately after Lance heard her question, he returned to his senses and looked at the meal he had bought her. Then, he suggested, “Why don’t you have your meal first?”

“O-Oh, okay.” Sasha finally recalled that she had not eaten anything since the incident yesterday.

After grabbing her breakfast, she made her way to the coffee table and took a seat next to him.

The breakfast he had bought was rather plain since the locals had gotten used to skipping breakfast. To be precise, they spent most of their time in the morning sleeping after having a wild night out.

Sasha had conducted her due diligence prior to their trip, but she was still taken by surprise upon seeing her breakfast.

When she saw that there were only a few chunks of meat alongside some tortilla wraps, she asked, “Are these all they have to offer?”

The young man remarked in a sarcastic manner, “What sort of meal are you expecting? You don’t think we’re here for a leisure trip, do you?”

Sasha was rendered speechless and decided to make do with the meal as long as it could give her the energy she needed for the day.

She reached for the tortilla wrap and tried to make herself a decent tortilla, but she just couldn’t do it right.

For some reason, she ended up making a mess despite her efforts.

“What’s wrong with this? Why can’t I seem to do it right?”

The young man, who was occupied with his phone, was at a loss for words when he heard her questions.

Moments later, he put his phone aside and wore the disposable glove to make the tortilla for the clumsy woman.

Sasha couldn’t move her eyes away from him as he managed to put everything in place effortlessly.

Once he was done, he handed it over to her and said after removing his glove, “There you go!”

Sasha was utterly dumbfounded. Inexplicably, she had her eyes glued to his hands again as she offered, “I’ll go get you something to wipe the sauce off your hands.”

Immediately after she brought herself up, she retrieved a pack of wet tissue and rushed back to his side.

Unaware of her thoughts, he got himself a few tissues to wipe his hand clean.

As soon as Sasha caught a glimpse of his slender fingers and nails that had been trimmed to perfection, a buzzing sound echoed in her head again.

She hadn’t been able to verify her speculation since things were extremely chaotic yesterday. On top of that, she thought it was impossible and wondered if she had been seeing things again.

Now that she had the chance to inspect his hands at such a close distance, she couldn’t move her eyes away from them.

When he caught her staring at his hands, he asked, “What do you want from me? Can you hurry up and finish your meal? We need to get going already.”

It was then that she snapped out of her thoughts and started savoring the wrap he had made her.

No! It can’t be! I must be seeing things again!

She stuffed the wrap into her mouth while she convinced herself that she had been hallucinating again.

It’s impossible for my cousin to be him! On top of that, his memories have been erased against his will! So there’s no way he’s that man!

Sasha kept telling herself that she was overthinking again.

Half an hour later, they finally departed from the hotel.

Horrified by the incident yesterday, Sasha asked, “Since we’re meeting Dickson in his office this time, we should be fine, right?”

Lance responded with a nod and looked out the window.

Although one of Dickson’s friends had passed on while the other one was gravely injured, he didn’t think that they would go after him. After all, he had nothing to do with it.

Soon, the duo made their way to the office of the bigshot.

“Hello, I’m Nancy, and I’m here on behalf of Andy! I have an appointment with Mr. Coyle!”

“Hello, Ms. Nancy! Mr. Coyle has been anticipating your arrival! Allow me to show you the way to his office!”

As soon as Sasha approached the receptionist and introduced herself, the receptionist brought them to Dickson’s office.

She was relieved as everything was going smoothly.

“Ms. Nancy, I owe you a big one since you helped me secure the ownership of my oilfield! I’ll honor my promise and seal the deal with you! On top of that, I’ll allow you to get a share of the future receivables of that said oilfield!”


Sasha couldn’t believe that she was merely a step away from becoming filthy rich.

After the beaming woman took a glance at the young man behind her, she signed the contract she had prepared beforehand.

Once they had everything sorted out, she made her way to the financial department to collect the check.

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