The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 380

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 380

“Lennie, just stay right here until I’m back. I’ll be heading over to the financial department to collect the check.”


Lance, who was occupied with his phone, hummed in response.

The moment she reached the financial department, the entire building started shaking, accompanied by a thunderous bang.

“What’s going on? Are we under attack?”

“Someone has blown up the building! They’re fighting again!”

The person’s words indicated that it wasn’t the first time such a thing had occurred.

Within a few seconds, all hell broke loose in the building.

Immediately after Sasha retrieved the check, she put it into her bag along with the contract and rushed in the direction of the entrance.

However, the petite woman ended up being shoved to the side by the crowd before she could reach the entrance.

To make things worse, the ones outside started firing shots at those in the building.


When Sasha witnessed a woman collapsing in front of her the moment she was shot in the head, she covered her mouth and started retching in disgust.

This is horrifying! Where the heck am I? Why are we under attack in an office?

Overwhelmed with fear, she started shaking involuntarily.

No! I can’t die just yet! Lance needs me! I need to make my way back to him! He’s still waiting for me upstairs!

Initially, her mind was all over the place, but at the thought of returning to her cousin, she braced herself and made her way up the stairs.

When she was about to dash upstairs, a man shattered the window and barged into the office out of nowhere. He grabbed her hand and yelled, “Nancy, we need to hurry up and make our way out!”

The moment the startled Sasha returned to her senses, she asked the man behind her, “H-Huh? Solomon? What are you doing here?”

Solomon had no intention of explaining himself. Instead, he took her away against her will, jumping out of the window while holding her in his arms.

Sasha was in a state of bewilderment at the turn of events.

Only after Solomon brought her into the car and departed did she finally snap out of her trance.

“Where are you bringing me? Lance is still in the building! Stop the car at once! I need to make my way back to Lance!”

As soon as she came to her senses, she yelled at the man to bring her back to the building.

Nonetheless, Solomon showed no signs of giving in since he had gone to great lengths to save her amidst the chaos.

He locked the door and said, “Nancy, listen to me! We have to leave first! I’ll send someone else to save him!”

“No! I want you to stop the car at once! Now!”

Unable to keep her cool, Sasha shrieked at the top of her lungs.

A while ago, Lance saw the duo making their escape after trudging his way through the rubbles and making his way to the financial department.

His eyes that were drenched in blood turned icy gradually. Truth be told, he could have easily made his way out of the building unscathed the moment all hell broke loose in the building.

A jump out of the window was all it would take for him to escape. In spite of the danger he would be putting himself in, he insisted on making his way downstairs just to ensure that Sasha was safe.

To his surprise, she had escaped with another man and left him alone.

He responded with a self-deprecating smirk and removed his glasses after the blood in his eyes started flowing out.

After that, he peeled off the mask he had been wearing.

It turned out that he wasn’t Lance. Despite his pale and haggard face, he still looked ethereal with his perfect facial features.

Casting his mask onto the floor nonchalantly, he made his way out of the building determinedly.

After half an hour, Sasha finally returned to the building.

Solomon was against the idea of sending her back, but he had to give in since she started retaliating by smashing the window with all her might until she bled.

She knew a lot of things could have occurred within half an hour. By then, the ones who launched the attack were nowhere to be seen.

Thirty minutes was all it took to turn a lavish-looking building into a pile of rubble full of corpses and injured victims.

Where the heck is Lance?

As soon as Sasha saw the survivors, she staggered her way over to them and asked, “Where’s Lance? Where is he? Has anyone seen Lance?”

In a panic, she asked every single person she met as she made her way into the building.

Unfortunately, luck wasn’t on her side as she couldn’t get anything on her cousin. After all, no one would pay attention to others when their own lives were at stake.

Sasha was unable to keep her cool anymore. Without hesitation, she dashed into the building in an attempt to locate Lance.

When Solomon figured out what she had in mind, he rushed over and stopped her. “Nancy, you’re not supposed to go in! It’s still—”

“Get the hell out of my sight!”

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