The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 382

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 382

What the heck is wrong with me? Why am I getting flustered when he’s my freaking cousin? You need to calm down, Sasha!

In an attempt to calm herself, she looked elsewhere to avoid her cousin’s gaze.


Meanwhile, Solomon’s assistant, who stopped the car in front of the pile of rubble, noticed that he had his eyes fixated on something.

His assistant couldn’t help but wonder if Solomon’s plan had failed once again.

The moment his assistant approached Solomon, he asked, “Have you figured out the identity of the mysterious men?”

“My apologies, but we couldn’t find out their whereabouts since they have been conducting their operations in secret.”

Solomon’s assistant started perspiring in fear as he wasn’t able to complete the assigned task.

Truth be told, he was surprised that there was not a single piece of information on the mysterious bunch after he spent an entire day investigating them.

In spite of being adequately influential, their effort was to no avail as there was nothing they could learn about the mysterious men.

All of a sudden, Solomon muttered, “He has made it out alive once again.”

His assistant gaped at Solomon’s statement and said in disbelief, “What?”

He escaped again?

How can that be? We only informed the militants after they had entered the building! It’s impossible for him to make it out alive without help!

When his assistant was lost in thought, Solomon added, “On top of that, he came back.”

His confused assistant asked, “What do you mean?”

Ignoring his assistant’s question, Solomon immersed himself in his thoughts.

I have been observing Lance throughout the past few days. It’s obvious that he has never once thought of Sasha as his cousin.

It’s not surprising for Lance to get full of himself in front of me. However, he couldn’t care less to show Sasha some respect even when I wasn’t around.

In fact, he seemed irked by Sasha’s presence. Why would someone hold such a strong grudge against his cousin?

That was why I came up with this plan in order to find out the truth.

Immediately after I took her away and left him behind, despair was written all over the young man’s face!

When we fled without him, I saw him glaring in our direction with his hatred-filled eyes! It was as though the last shimmer of hope in him was gone.

I thought he would be out of the picture after that. However, he came back for her even when she only returned half an hour later.

There’s no way they’re just cousins! I’m sure there’s something going on behind the scenes!

As Solomon went dead silent, his assistant continued asking, “W-Who’s the young man? Is he really just a fresh graduate?”

Solomon answered with a vicious smirk, “I have never once believed that!”

“What do you mean?”

“I need to verify his identity! If he’s indeed the person I have in mind, it’s time to—” Out of the blue, a strong murderous intent could be seen in his glistening pair of eyes.

Solomon’s assistant understood his words immediately.

If he’s really the one we have been searching for, we no longer have to waste our time and effort to locate him!

On the other hand, the duo at the hospital found out that Sasha sustained a severe injury after a piece of fractured cement pierced through her foot.

Previously, she couldn’t feel the pain at all because the only thing she had in mind was locating her cousin.

“You need to refrain from engaging in vigorous activities for the time being. Keep your wound dry at all times and change the wound dressing frequently.”

After the doctor had Sasha’s injury treated and handed the prescribed medicine to her, he dismissed them.

However, Lance was against the idea and insisted on having Sasha hospitalized for the night. “What the heck is wrong with the doctor? How can he turn us away when you’re heavily injured?”

Sasha tried to talk some sense into Lance, “It’s fine! I mean, just take a look at the patients here! You don’t seriously think the hospital can accommodate me, do you? Since I’m also a doctor, I can just take care of myself!”

After she repetitively reassured him, he finally relented.

As soon as they returned to the hotel, Sasha, who couldn’t wait to get out of the warring country, purchased tickets for the next available flight back to their home country.

This time, Lance didn’t stop her from doing so. Instead, he made his way back to his room.

Someone is coming after you.

The moment he returned to his room, he received a text from a certain someone.

Is that so?

A disdainful smirk crept up on his face. Instead of getting worked up, he calmly tossed his phone aside and went into the bathroom.

When he finally came out ten minutes later, the person on the other end seemed to have sorted out everything on his behalf.

Nonetheless, when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror, he frowned and retrieved his phone, drafting another text.

Lance: Where’s the Crimson Pimpernel?

His subordinate: Huh? What do you need from him?

Lance: I need another mask since the one I have has been ruined.

His subordinate was on pins and needles as it was no easy task to acquire the aid of the Crimson Pimpernel. In fact, it took them a few days to persuade the Crimson Pimpernel to make them two masks.

How are we supposed to locate the Crimson Pimpernel? Isn’t he aware that it’s going to cost us a fortune just to acquire a mask that suits him seamlessly!

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