The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 383

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 383

Sasha finally booked flight tickets to depart tonight.

She thought she had to leave as soon as possible because the place was unsafe.

After booking the flight tickets, Sasha began to pack her things.

However, it was inconvenient because she could only stand with one leg. Hence, she went to the next room to ask Lance to pack their belongings together

“Lennie, what are you doing now? Can you help pack the luggage for me?”

Sasha hopped on a single leg to the next room and knocked on the door twice, yet no one responded.

It appeared that no one was in the room.

That’s wired. Where is he?

Sasha turned around and hopped back to her room to get the room card.

In fact, Sasha and Lance always gave a spare room card to each other whenever they were outside.

When Sasha opened the door, she was shocked to see that the room was pitch dark. Although it was bright outside, Lance deliberately pulled the curtains to block out any light.

“Lennie, what are you doing? Why did you pull the curtains?” Sasha fumbled her way in and wanted to open the curtains.

“Don’t do it. I want to sleep. My head hurts!” Lance finally responded.

However, Sasha could hear that Lance’s throat was tightened, probably because he wasn’t feeling well.

Ah? Headache?

Sasha recalled that Lance’s forehead was injured. As such, she stopped opening the curtains and came up to Lance.

Sasha’s eyes had gradually adapted to the darkness because she had been in the room for some time. At present, she could vaguely see where Lance was and his face.

“Is your forehead hurt? I asked you to let a doctor check up on you, but you didn’t listen. See, you have a headache now,”

Sasha came up to the bed and said to Lance caringly, but he ignored her completely.

Annoyed by her nagging, Lance turned around and had his back on Sasha.

What a rascal!

As Sasha was a little anxious, she pulled his blanket away and said, “Lance, turn around and let me see!”

With that, she wanted to turn on the light next to the bed.

All of a sudden, Lance lifted his hand to grab Sasha’s slender wrist. Then, he mustered up his strength to pull Sasha onto his bed.


“You’re noisy. Didn’t you hear me saying that I’m fine?”

Lance pinned Sasha on the bed and nearly pressed against her with his body entirely. Although there was a blanket in between them, she could feel his heat.

At that moment, Sasha’s mind went blank.

“Lennie, you…”

“Keep quiet. My hurt hurts now,” Lance added impatiently but slightly loosened his grip.

Sasha heaved a sigh of relief but dared not move, for she felt that Lance was still grabbing her arm.

Lance was either worried that Sasha would annoy him if he let go of her or feeling extremely unwell.

Sasha felt silent while maintaining the weird posture on the bed. She intended to wait until Lance fell asleep to leave the bed.

Unexpectedly, she fell asleep ten minutes later.

After all, she had gone through a terrifying incident today and was also tired because dusk had fallen.

As Sasha breathed steadily, the man, who lay by her side, lifted the blanket and opened his eyes.

He wasn’t Lance but someone who looked graceful and handsome.

However, there was a glint in his eyes.

Shortly afterward, Sasha unknowingly snuggled up to the man like a kitten.

The man fluttered his eyelashes, turned around, and took Sasha into his arms.


Perhaps due to the familiar warmth, Sasha, who was sleeping soundly, couldn’t help but snuggle up to him closer.

Instantly, the man’s eyes darkened.

This damned woman!

He hugged her tighter and buried his face in her neck to indulge himself in her scent. Eventually, both of them slept soundly on the bed.

Roxanne, who was in Avenport, felt that something was off after Sebastian left on a business trip for the third day.

“Wendy, is Mr. Hayes not back yet?”

“Not yet. What’s wrong, Ms. Rocke?”

At that moment, Wendy was cleaning the second floor. She felt a little bewildered, for Roxanne came out from the study with two bottles of medicine in her hands.

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