The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 384

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 384

Why did she get the pills early in the morning?

Meanwhile, Roxanne’s expression darkened upon seeing the two bottles of medicine that she prescribed for Sebastian.

Although Sebastian was okay throughout the month, he still had to take medicine for the time being. After all, mental illness wouldn’t go away entirely but only subside until the patients’ bodies could produce certain hormones at a normal rate.

Therefore, Roxanne had been prescribing medicine for Sebastian throughout the month.

Roxanne grabbed the two bottles of medicines and went to Hayes Corporation.

She arrived at the penthouse suite of Hayes Corporation half an hour later.

“Mr. Scott, please be honest with me—where is he now? He said he would leave for only two days. Now that it’s already the third day, why hasn’t he come back? Do you know he has to take his medicine every day?”


Cold sweat was dripping down Luke’s forehead.

Although Luke was aware of Sebastian’s schedule, he couldn’t control the turn of events—Sebastian couldn’t return as planned due to some emergencies.

Luke tried his best to explain, “Ms. Rocke, Mr. Hayes has indeed planned to go on a business trip for two days. However, he has to delay his plan because something untoward happened.”

Luke didn’t lie, for Sebastian told him so before he left.

Initially, the business trip wasn’t on Sebastian’s schedule at all.

Sebastian decided to leave at the last minute only after someone from Moranta met him specifically. Besides, it was supposed to be a short trip, for Sebastian planned to come back once he finished dealing with the matter.

Nonetheless, no one expected something untoward from happening.

Roxanne stared at Luke doubtfully. “Is there anything more important than Sebastian’s health? Do you know the consequences that he stops taking medicine? Is this how you be his secretary?”

Anger clouded Roxanne’s face, and she couldn’t help but scold Luke right away.

Luke was scared to death. After quite some time, he asked feebly, “In that case… what should we do?”

“What should we do? We’ve to ask him to come back as soon as possible! You can also tell me where he is now, and I’ll try to send the medicine over to him,” Roxanne proposed angrily.

Luke instantly chose the first option. “Alright, I’ll ask Mr. Hayes right away to come back as soon as possible.”

Well, how can I possibly let her send the medicine?

I’ll be as good as dead as I do it!

Sasha finally woke up after the sound sleep.

The room was lit with orange light. Besides, Sasha was dazed by the twinkling lights of the city at night from the window.

Not long afterward, she saw a man sitting at a table next to the window.

The man wore a blue hoodie and a pair of black-rimmed glasses. At that time, he lowered his gaze and frowned as he stared at the phone.

Oh my goodness! My flight!

When the thought flashed through her mind, Sasha instantly got up and yelled, “My god! What time is it now? Did I miss my flight?”

Lance, who was about to reply to a text message, said, “You’re awake.”

“Yes, Lennie. What time is it now? Please check it for me. I’ve already booked flight tickets for tonight.”

Sasha forgot that one of her legs was injured when she jumped from the bed. As such, she gasped in pain the moment she landed.

Lance’s lips twitched upon seeing it.

Nevertheless, he still looked at his watch on his wrist and replied, “It’s 9.15 p.m. now. What time is the flight?”

“What? 9.15 p.m.? Why didn’t you wake me up? I booked tickets for 8 p.m., and the flight has certainly left. What should we do?”

Sasha was on the verge of total breakdown.

It was extremely difficult to book a flight ticket these days. After all, many people wished to escape the city due to a series of terrorist attacks.

Hence, Sasha waited patiently for quite some time in the afternoon to grab the tickets.

On the contrary, Lance seemed rather composed.

“It’s okay. We can book the flights for tomorrow.”

“Tomorrow?” Sasha whined, “Don’t you know how dangerous it is now? The longer we stay, the more likely we are in danger.”

“In that case, do you think we’ll be safe on the plane tonight? Everyone has the same mindset as yours in the warzone. Also, since everyone desperately wants to escape, those who fail to do so might trigger riots,” Lance stared at Sasha coldly and rebutted in disdain.

Sasha finally went silent.

Is that so?

My goodness. Fortunately, we didn’t go to the airport tonight. I can’t imagine what we could do if something happens there.

At that time, Sasha’s anger and disappointment faded away.

“Okay then. I’ll book tickets again tomorrow. By the way, have you had dinner? We…”

Sasha was about to suggest to have dinner.

As a thought flashed through her mind suddenly, Sasha turned around and realized that the room was different from hers. She finally recalled what happened before she fell asleep.

My god! What did I do in the evening?

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