The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 385

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 385

“Lennie, I… this evening…”

“Have you finally realized it? Why did you come to my room out of the blue? I couldn’t even sleep on my bed!” Lance questioned Sasha coldly.

Nonetheless, one could tell that Lance wasn’t angry at that moment. Instead, he was merely complaining without gazing at Sasha.

Instantly, Sasha blushed.

She remembered that she was here to check up on Lance. Since Lance said he was unwell, she touched his forehead but was pinned onto the bed by Lance.

He pressed against me on the bed, all right? However, I fell asleep very soon.

Sasha was awkward upon remembering everything. She stole a glance at Lance and realized that he was emotionless, as though he didn’t remember what she did.

Her heart couldn’t help but sink at that thought.

“I… I didn’t. Since you said you were sick, I stayed beside your bed for a while but unknowingly fell asleep. I didn’t mean to do it.”

Since Lance probably didn’t remember what happened, Sasha lied to him.

Just as Sasha thought, Lance merely raised his eyebrows and glanced at her for a few seconds in response.

Sasha took a deep breath.

Well, we should have dinner now.

Sasha hopped back to her room. After freshening herself up, Sasha asked the hotel staff to deliver some food.

Since they couldn’t leave that night, Sasha decided to get some rest and depart the next day.

After the food was delivered, Sasha sat at the table and began eating the soup.

She initially thought that Lance would be here to have dinner soon. However, she didn’t hear any noise outside her room even though she had finished the bowl of soup.

What’s going on with him? Is he not going to eat?

Sasha had no choice but to stand up and hop to Lance’s room. “Lance? Why don’t you come over to have dinner? Are you not hungry?”

The room fell into a dead silence just like what happened in the evening.

Humph! Whatever!

Sasha didn’t act recklessly again to save herself from embarrassment. Since the room was silent, she returned to her room and continued eating.

Well, I’ll just leave a portion of the food to Lance.

However, Sasha wasn’t aware that Lance wasn’t in the room.

In fact, Lance had already left.

“Mr. Hayes, I’ve everything planned out. Howard will be back in your room by midnight. So, Ms. Wand won’t suspect anything when she opens the door and sees him.”

After a series of terrorist attacks that happened in the day, flashes of fire would appear high in the air occasionally at midnight. The air was filled with the smell of gunpowder, and one could hear people moaning bitterly from time to time.

Lance was still wearing blue hoodies, a pair of slacks, and sports shoes. He didn’t utter a word and looked like a mature man.

At that moment, he was no different from a university student.

“Keep an eye on her!”

After giving the short instruction, Lance got into the car and left.

Ten minutes later, a black car pulled up by the hotel’s entrance.

“Excuse me, may I ask if a lady named Nancy stays here? I’m her friend. Would you mind telling me which room she stays in?”

“I’m sorry. We can’t provide you with the information, for it’s related to our customer’s privacy.”

The principled hotel’s staff declined the woman’s request right away.

Unexpectedly, the woman wasn’t upset but took out her name card smilingly. “It’s fine. Just tell her that I’m Willow. She will know who I am.”

The staff hesitated for a while.

Well, it doesn’t matter if I make a phone call to confirm her identity.

Finally, one of them grabbed the phone to call Sasha.


“Is this Ms. Nancy? May I ask if you have a friend called Willow Fischer?”


Sasha was having dinner when she received the call. She was a little shocked upon hearing the name. “Yes, what’s the matter?”

The hotel’s staff continued, “She’s here to see you and is waiting in our lobby. Would you want to come down to meet her? Or should we allow her to go upstairs?”

Sasha was shocked and rendered speechless.

Why did Willow come here? What’s going on?

Is she here for business?

At that moment, Sasha was confused but also happy to meet her best friend here.

“Alright, please let her come up. Since my leg is injured, it’s not that convenient for me to go down.” Sasha excitedly asked the staff to bring Willow to her room.

It had been quite a long time since Sasha met Willow.

A few minutes later, Sasha felt a little weird because Willow wasn’t here yet. Nonetheless, the man, who stayed next to her room and didn’t answer the door previously, showed up.

“Lance? You’re finally here. Are you hungry?”

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