The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 387

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 387

Sasha couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable about the way he had phrased that sentence.

Why does it sound like he’s giving me a sad farewell speech or something? Is he still worried about me being abducted while onboard? Jeez…

Not liking the oddly melancholic atmosphere, Sasha gave him a slap on the back and said, “What do you mean you won’t be by my side anymore? You’d better be sure to come to carry me down the plane when we land!”

She then returned to her cabin while Lance stood there with his gaze fixated on her.

It wasn’t until the door to the first class cabin was shut that someone approached him. “Let’s go, sir. Howard has just come on board.”

Lance then turned around and left without looking back.

It was already evening when Sasha landed in Moranta.

For some reason, she had been restless throughout the entire flight and came out of her cabin looking for Lance as soon as she could.

Had passengers been allowed to leave their cabins during the flight, she would’ve done so a lot sooner.

Sasha quickly made her way into the economy class cabin and saw Lance about to get up from his seat.

“Hey, Lennie! How was the flight?” she asked, feeling glad and relieved as she stood beside him.

Lance looked a little surprised to see her come over, but was quick to regain his composure and got to his feet.

“It was all right. What about you? How’s your leg? Does it hurt?” he asked while looking worriedly at her leg.

Sasha waved at him. “I’m fine! Come on, let’s get off the plane. Vivi must be missing us like crazy after our prolonged absence!”

“Okay,” Lance replied, and the two of them made their way out of the plane.

With the security being a lot better in Moranta, people could be seen walking about with relaxed looks on their faces. “Here, watch our bags while I make a quick trip to the bathroom!” Sasha said as she handed the baggage over to Lance.

Her tone was so polite that even Lance froze for a moment before reaching out to hold her baggage.

“Sure, go on ahead. I’ll wait here for you.”


This time, it was Sasha’s turn to pause in surprise.

Wait… Did my ears deceive me? Does he not hate me anymore? I can’t believe he actually offered to wait for me!

Sasha thought to herself as she stared at him in confusion before making her way toward the bathroom.

Lance hadn’t noticed that he had changed a lot throughout the past two days and was no longer the same man he used to be.

He had been filled with uncontrollable rage, disgust, sadness, and self-hatred when he was with her at first.

In fact, his mood had been so terrible that he almost thought his mental illness was acting up again.

Vivian’s call came in all of a sudden when Sasha stepped out of the bathroom, causing her to completely forget about Lance’s weird behavior when she heard Vivian’s sweet and adorable voice on the phone.

“Are you guys back yet, Mommy? Mr. Rind said you two would be coming back today!”

“That’s right, Mommy’s back! We’re at the airport right now. Are you still at Mr. Rind’s house?” Sasha asked.

By “Mr. Rind”, they were referring to Andy Rind.

I can’t believe Lance actually had Andy look after Vivi! Then again, judging by how happy she sounds, I’d say he’s been treating her pretty well…

“Yeah! Mr. Rind buys me a lot of delicious food every day! He even bought me two very cute bunnies! Can I come over to Mr. Rind’s house in the future, Mommy?”

“Huh?” Sasha was shocked.

I didn’t take Andy for the type of guy who would be so nice to children!

As much as she found it hard to believe, she hung up the phone feeling glad that Vivian was doing great.

The two of them then made their way home, and Sasha couldn’t wait to go pick her daughter up.

“Lennie, go buy us some groceries from the supermarket. The refrigerator at home must be empty after our prolonged absence. I’ll make us all dinner after picking Vivi up.”

“Okay,” Lance replied as he placed the bags down.

As he was about to leave the house, Sasha called out to him once again.

“Wait! Here, take this money. We made quite a lot during our trip there, so you should treat yourself to a nice meal or something!” she said while pulling a card out of her purse.

Lance nodded obediently and held his hand out to receive the card.

At that moment, Sasha realized something was off about his hand when she gave him the card.

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