The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 389

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 389

Sasha paused briefly in surprise before replying, “No, I’m not.”

“I know you are, Mommy! You haven’t been talking much tonight, Mommy! Did someone bully you? You can tell Vivi! Vivi will avenge you!”

Vivian waved her meaty fist in the air as she said that, and Sasha couldn’t help but smile in response.

She’s such a sweet child, but there’s no way I could tell her even if I really was bullied!

Sasha returned to her bedroom after Vivian had fallen asleep, but her suffocating restlessness kept her awake.

Feeling like she needed someone to talk to, she whipped out her phone and began scrolling through her list of contacts.

After a bit of scrolling, she finally saw a name that caught her eye.


“Well, well, well… If it isn’t the great Ms. Nancy? I didn’t think you’d call!”

A familiar voice could be heard saying that in a joking manner the moment the call got through.

Sasha let out a helpless chuckle and asked, “Haha! What are you saying? Anyway, what have you been up to lately? Where have you been?”

Willow sighed the moment she heard that. “What else could I be up to? I’m still working the same job every day, shuttling between my house and the office. Life is as boring as watching paint dry if you ask me!”

Sasha went silent as she recalled how someone who claimed to be Willow had come looking for her at the hotel in Corleon.

Had Lance not been there to stop me, god knows what would’ve happened to me…

Her fingers went pale as she tightened her grip on the phone.

“Hey, what’s with the silence? What about you, huh? What are you doing?”

“I just took a shower a while ago. Willow, can I ask you a question?” Sasha was a little hesitant at first, but decided to bring up the topic anyway.

Willow froze when she heard how formal Sasha sounded and realized she was getting serious.

“Sure, go ahead! What is it?” Willow responded in a more serious manner as well.

“What if I told you that I feel like getting back together with him? What do you think?”

“Pffft!” Willow was drinking a glass of water when she heard that and spat it all out in shock.

What the hell is wrong with this woman? Why on earth would she want to get back with that scumbag?

“Are you crazy? Have you not suffered enough because of him? What, dying once wasn’t enough for you?” Willow lashed out at her as she remembered how he had hanged her out on the deck back then.

Sasha’s face went pale instantly, and she began to regret talking to Willow about it.

Oh, right… Willow doesn’t know the truth about us… Damn it, why did I ask for her opinion?

“Calm down, Willow! I was just kidding!”

Willow wasn’t buying it at all and pressed on even when Sasha had tried to drop the topic. “Kidding? I’m not a fool, Nancy! We’ve been friends for so many years now! Do you think I don’t know you well enough? You wouldn’t just bring this up for no reason!”

Sasha simply pursed her lips and kept quiet.

“Come on, out with it! What’s going on? Is he that charming that you ended up having such funny ideas?”

“No, it’s not that. There are a lot of things between us that you don’t know about.”

“Such as?”

“It’s true that I died for him once, but I had also made him suffer quite a lot since we were kids,” Sasha replied as she came to realize that neither of them owed the other anything.

Back then, I decided to cut ties with him because I found out the truth behind my marrying into the Hayes family. On top of that, Xenia’s death made it impossible for me to face Uncle Jackson and Aunt Sharon. But now, I realize that he doesn’t play much of a role in this tragedy of mine… Just like me, he had always been a mere piece on the board. First of all, he never agreed to marry me, let alone live with me. Second of all, Robert was the one who killed Xenia and caused the Wand family to go bankrupt. He had nothing to do with any of that, so I shouldn’t be pinning the blame on him like that. In fact, I don’t hate him all that much anymore.

“So, that’s the reason why you want to get back together with him? Remember, the damage that the Hayes family has caused you and your family is irreversible. Are you sure you can forget about everything and pretend none of it has ever happened?”

Willow had calmed down a lot more after hearing her explanation, but she still couldn’t quite comprehend the logic behind it.

Of course I can’t possibly forget all that has happened, but he has done a lot for me time after time, so I’m willing to take that first step. He is the father of our children, after all!

Sasha’s lips twitched slightly at the thought of that.

Having made her decision, she hung up the phone shortly after.

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