The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 391

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 391

As Sebastian had been absent from work for a few days, he went into overdrive mode the moment he entered his office.

He was so busy that Luke didn’t dare disturb him in the slightest. However, he had no choice but to knock on Sebastian’s door when he received the message from Howard. The rays of the morning sun shone through the window, casting a radiant glow on Sebastian’s desk where he typed away on his laptop.

“Sir, I’ve just received word from Howard… According to him, everything is fine with Madam…I mean, Ms. Wand. She transferred the money over to Jackson instead of handing it over to Andy, and is going to work as usual.”

His fingers stopped moving when he heard that, and Luke held his breath as he thought Sebastian was about to say something.

However, Sebastian simply continued typing away a few seconds later and said, “No need to report these things to me from now on.”

“Huh?” Luke was shocked. “W-What about Howard?”

“The real dimwit should have received enough training by now, right? I want you to send him over, have Howard return, and forget all about this,” Sebastian replied coldly, much to Luke’s surprise.

Oh, my god! Does he mean he won’t care about her anymore? What’s with this sudden change in attitude? Just two days ago, he was so worried about her safety that he ignored his own well-being and kept her company throughout the crisis! I don’t understand him at all!

Had Luke walked a thorny path all by himself for so long with no sight of hope whatsoever, he would probably be able to understand Sebastian a little better.

Sometimes, it would actually be better to let go and release oneself from the unnecessary pain.

“I’m sorry, Mr. Rind. My dad will be released from prison soon, and I need to rebuild the family business with the money I made. As such, I have no choice but to resign from the company,” Sasha said as she handed Andy her resignation letter.

Although she had been in conflict with that Wall Street titan at first, the company did look after her in the end.

Andy too, had a pained expression on his face when he heard about her leaving.

“Sigh… The company is going to lose a valuable employee, then…”

“You give me too much credit, Mr. Rind. There are plenty of other employees here much being more capable than I am. Besides, my family business also engages in trading, so we might even become business partners in the future.”


Feeling slightly better after hearing that, Andy approved of her resignation and even gave her a million as a reward for her hard work.

Sasha then left the office happily with the money and headed over to the mall. As she would soon return to the country, she wanted to buy some presents for her kids, Jackson, Sharon, and Sebastian.

“Say, isn’t that the girl from RockePharma?”

“Yeah, what do you think? She looks beautiful, doesn’t she? Who would’ve thought a medical nerd like her would have such a pretty face, eh? Too bad she’s already married! If I’m not mistaken, that guy she’s clinging on to should be her husband.”

Sasha froze when she heard that.

There isn’t a single doctor out there that hasn’t heard of RockePharma, the world-renowned pharmaceutical company owned by the Rocke family. Are they talking about Roxanne?

Sasha looked up slowly, and her gaze fell upon the huge LED monitor in the mall.

“According to the photographs published by the journalists, the president of RockePharma has held a birthday party for his wife with both Roxanne and her fiancé in attendance. Being the heir to the Hayes Corporation, her fiancé is also considered to be a prominent figure in the world of business! With such a grand appearance from both families, could it be that a wedding is in order?” said a reporter from the entertainment news station.

As RockePharma had been established overseas, it was a lot more popular among the general public than Hayes Corporation.

That popularity was the main reason the mall had chosen to display the news as it would attract more customers.

Sasha felt a shiver down her spine as she continued staring at the screen.

A grand appearance from both families? A wedding is to be expected?

Sebastian and Roxanne’s interactions looked very intimate in the footage. Dressed in a bright red gown, she was clinging to his arm with her body pressed tightly against his.

To make matters worse, Sebastian showed no sign of resistance whatsoever. In fact, he even held her steady when they entered the hotel so she wouldn’t trip over her gown.

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