The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 392

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 392

A sharp pain tore through her heart, and it hurt so much that even breathing felt painful.

Having lost whatever feelings of excitement she had earlier, Sasha placed the items back on the shelf.

“Would you like to purchase this item, miss?” the salesgirl asked.

“No, thanks…” Sasha replied emotionlessly and dragged herself out of the mall.

She was so absent-minded that she didn’t even know how she got home. All she remembered doing was locking herself up in her bedroom straight till nightfall.

Lance soon returned home with Vivian and was surprised to see an empty living room.

“Where’s your mommy? Is she still out?” he asked as he had bought a lot of ingredients to make their favorite dishes.

Vivian climbed off him and went looking for Sasha in her bedroom.

“Mommy? Are you in there? It’s me, Vivi! Uncle Lance bought us a lot of ingredients today! Come on out, Mommy!” she shouted in her usual childish voice while knocking on the door, but there was no response.

Lance quickly came upstairs and carried Vivian in his arms as he said, “I think your mommy isn’t home yet. She’s probably busy running some errands outside. Come on, let’s wait for her downstairs. I’ll make you something delicious!”


Vivian could only pout as she went downstairs with Lance.

Little did they know, Sasha slowly opened the door after they left and slowly dragged herself out of the room.

“Will Mommy come home for dinner tonight, Uncle Lance? You even bought her favorite crabs!”

“Hmm, I’m not sure… If she doesn’t, we’ll just keep it in the refrigerator and cook it when she comes back, okay?”


Vivian clapped her hands in satisfaction.

Lance smiled back at her as he continued unpacking the daily necessities that he bought.

“Vivi, if your mommy doesn’t come home before we go to bed tonight, I want you to tell her tomorrow that I bought you two all these stuff. They were mailed all the way here from Clear, got it?” he said while waving tubes of toothpaste and bottles of children’s shampoo in front of her.

Those were all stuff that Sasha had wanted to purchase from Clear. As Vivian had sensitive skin, most of the commercial products available in the market weren’t suitable for her.

As such, Sasha had no choice but to purchase them all from Clear Hospital.

I appreciate that he’s helped me with the purchase, but… Why did he have to buy so much of it at once? Three months is a pretty long time, so he could just wait till we run out before placing an order for it…

Sasha thought to herself as she looked at them from the corridor above.

After instructing Vivian on the daily necessities, Lance then pulled out his wallet and handed her a few credit cards.

“Also, could you hold on to these for me?”

“What is this?” Vivian asked innocently.

Wait, those are the credit cards that I gave him! I’ve always been busy with work, so I had no choice but to task him with managing everything in the house. I gave him the credit cards so he could purchase the daily necessities and groceries. The money isn’t much, but it’s enough for…

Sasha narrowed her eyes and trembled slightly as she was hit with a sudden realization.

“Your mommy gave me these. Let’s play a game tonight, Vivi. Your goal is to keep these safe for me, okay? You can return them to me when I come back tomorrow morning.”


Vivian naively clutched those cards tightly against her chest like they were some sort of precious treasure.

Lance’s eyes reddened a little, but he fought off the urge to sniffle and gave Vivian an affectionate pinch on the nose before heading into the kitchen.

Having witnessed everything from upstairs, Sasha teared up as she ran back into her room and shut the door once again.

She never knew he was by her side the whole time, let alone the fact that he had let go of her by fulfilling her wishes.

Six months later, it was almost time for the birthdays of Ian and Matteo.

“Sebastian, where do you plan on celebrating the boys’ birthdays? This is Matteo’s first birthday with us after returning to our family, so we have to make it a grand one!”

Frederick had come all the way to Frontier Bay in person just for the event.

Sebastian was putting on his coat before leaving for the office when he heard that. “Sure, you can make the arrangements,” he replied with a nod.

Frederick’s face was instantly filled with joy.

“Okay, we’ll have it at a hotel, then. I’ll invite everyone from the Hayes family over and get them formally introduced to Matteo. As for his mother’s side…”

“That won’t be necessary!” Sebastian cut him off the moment he mentioned Sasha.

The look on Frederick’s face changed immediately. “What if people ask about the child’s mother?”

“We’ve got Roxanne, haven’t we? You can just invite her family over instead. We’re engaged, so she’ll be the mother of those children from then on. Don’t you stir up any trouble now.”

Sebastian grew impatient all of a sudden, and his tone grew a lot colder too.

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