The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 393

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 393

Of course… He doesn’t remember a thing about that girl, so it makes sense that he wouldn’t want to hear her name. Given the way he had treated her in the past, I suppose it’s for the better…

Frederick let out a sigh at the thought of that and said no further.

Sebastian then headed for the office, and Frederick left shortly after as well.

To his surprise, however, he saw a beautiful woman and an adorable little girl waiting for him when he arrived at the Hayes residence.

“Go greet your grandpa, Vivi!” Sasha whispered and gave Vivian a gentle nudge when she saw Frederick.

Vivian had seen Frederick before, but she still felt a little nervous as they never got to spend much time together.

Regardless, she did as told and walked up to him as she said, “Hello, Grandpa! I’m Vivi!”

Her voice sounded so cute that it melted Frederick’s heart and brought him to tears of joy on the spot.

“You’ve finally returned! Oh, I’ve missed you so much! Come on, come to grandpa!”

Frederick was so overwhelmed by emotions that he tossed his walking stick aside and bent over to carry Vivian in his arms.

He loved each and every one of his grandchildren very much, and even Sasha teared up a little as she observed that touching moment from the side.

She waited till Frederick had calmed down before approaching them. “Mr. Hayes, I brought Vivi here to see you because my dad will be released from prison soon, and I don’t think I’ll be leaving anymore.”

“Huh? Really? You’ll stay here from now on?” Frederick went wide-eyed with surprise.

“Yeah, really. I’ve made some money during my time overseas, so I’m going to rebuild the Wand family once my dad comes home. That was also the reason why I worked in Wall Street,” Sasha replied decisively.

Frederick got emotional once again. “That’s good to hear! Will I be able to see my precious granddaughter often, then?”

“Of course you can. I brought her over today to say hi, after all. Oh, one more thing… The kids’ birthdays are only a few days away, so I was hoping to let Vivi celebrate hers together with her brothers,” Sasha voiced out her request hesitantly.

Frederick smacked himself on the lap when he heard that. “Why, of course! They’re triplets, so it’s only natural to have them celebrate their birthdays together! Don’t worry, I’ll make the arrangements!”

Sasha smiled, feeling relieved that she had made the right decision.

The two of them stayed over for lunch in the afternoon, and Frederick went as far as having a chef from a five-star restaurant owned by Hayes Corporation come over to prepare that meal.

That was a luxurious treatment that no one else in that household had ever enjoyed.

Luke was so shocked when he heard about it at the office that he nearly spilled his coffee all over the floor.

What the hell is going on? Why would she come over when Sebastian has just decided to cut ties with her? Heck, she even went straight to the core of the family! This sudden turn of events sure is suspicious…

Those thoughts made Luke incredibly restless, and he didn’t dare tell Sebastian about it until it was time to get off work.

When he saw Sebastian return to his office after a meeting with his client, Luke mustered up the courage and ran up to him.

“Mr. Hayes, did you know that Ms. Wand is back?”

“What did you say?”

Sebastian looked up immediately upon hearing that, and his response made Luke even more nervous.

“I heard about it earlier in the afternoon. She suddenly returned with Ms. Vivian and went straight to the Hayes residence where the two of them had lunch.”

The office fell into a deafening silence, and Luke’s palms were covered in sweat from the suffocating tension.

The atmosphere in the room was so tense that it felt as if the air had frozen over, and he didn’t dare say a word nor move a muscle.

“Why did she come back?”

“I don’t know, but I heard it has something to do with the Wand family and her dad’s release from prison.”

That was the only thing Luke could recall at the time.

For the Wand family? Oh, right… Of course! Why else would she come back otherwise?

“Don’t bring this up in front of me ever again. As for Dad, he can hang out with them all he likes, so you don’t have to report that to me in the future either,” Sebastian said calmly as if nothing had ever happened.

Is he seriously going to end it all like this? Just ignore everything and forget about everything? If he cared about her, he would’ve done everything in his power to stop her from seeing his dad or even make some sarcastic remarks about it. But no, he’s just completely ignoring them right now… If this is how he’s going to be, then he might as well have his memories erased for real…

Luke couldn’t help but feel a little sad at the thought of that.

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