The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 394

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 394

Sasha was a little busy throughout the next couple of days.

Having returned with Lance, the two of them had to renovate their family home.

As such, the two of them had no time to look after Vivian and had to leave her at the Hayes Residence.

“Sha, Sebastian hasn’t come to visit us at all… Are you sure it’s okay to leave Vivi there with them?” Lance asked worriedly.

He had become a lot more reserved and sentimental ever since that eventful night in Moranta.

Sasha flashed him a slight smile and said, “Of course it’s okay! He’s Vivi’s grandpa, and we have a lot on our hands right now. I don’t see anything wrong with having him look after her for a few days.”

“All right, then…”

Having no better idea himself, Lance could only go along with Sasha’s arrangement.

The Wand residence was starting to look a lot more presentable after two days of renovation, and Sasha went to pick Vivian back from Hayes residence.

“Hi, Mr. Hayes. I’m done with the renovations at my place, so I’ve come to bring Vivi home. Thanks for looking after her throughout the past two days.”

“What? Leaving already? Why don’t you let her stay another couple of days? I’ve told her brothers over at Frontier Bay about this, so they’ll be coming over to play with their sister over the weekend.”

Frederick was reluctant to part with his granddaughter and looked sad the moment he heard she was leaving.

He even went as far as telling Sasha he would bring Matteo and Ian over just so she would change her mind.

The idea of letting the three of them play together did seem like a great one, and even Sasha found herself a little moved by it.

“I want to stay here with Grandpa, Mommy! I want to play with Matt and Ian!” Vivian wrapped her arms around Sasha’s leg and begged to stay.

Fine, I guess I’ll just let her stay here for another two days… I still need to add some furniture to our house anyway…

With that in mind, Sasha agreed to let Vivian stay.

The next day was a Saturday, and Frederick had someone bring the two brothers over. Having been separated for about half a year, the three siblings got really carried away playing with each other.

“Vivi, is it true that Mommy won’t take you overseas again?”

“Yeah! Vivi will stay here from now on!” Vivian said happily, feeling overjoyed to have her brothers by her side again.

Matteo and Ian exchanged glances upon hearing that.

It’s great that Mommy won’t be leaving the country anymore, but… They’ve been here for quite some time now, so why hasn’t Daddy paid them a visit yet? Come to think of it, Daddy has never mentioned a thing about it in Frontier Bay!

The two of them frowned at the thought of that.

“We should have Mommy and Daddy meet up.”

“How will we do that?”

“We’ll have both Mommy and Daddy come over for a meal! That way, they’ll be able to meet each other!”

Matteo had always been the one with brilliant ideas and proposed his plan to them.

Ian gave it some thought and agreed with his suggestion.

“Okay, I’ll call Mommy right away and tell her to come over tonight!” Vivian was thrilled and offered to call Sasha herself.

Being the eldest of the three, Ian naturally took up the task of calling Sebastian.

Sasha was painting the moldy walls in the house when she received the call, and she broke into a faint smile when she heard Vivian inviting her over for dinner.

“What’s the matter, Vivi? It’s been so many days now, and you still don’t feel like coming home?”

“No, it’s not that! It’s… We’ve prepared a huge surprise for you tonight, Mommy!”

Vivian wasn’t really good at lying and nearly exposed their plans.

A big surprise, huh? Okay, I’ll head over and see what surprise these kids have in store for me!

With a huge smile on her face, Sasha hung up the phone and called out to Lance who was busy moving the furniture, “Go get ready, Lennie! We’re heading over to the Hayes residence for dinner with Vivi!”

“Oh, okay!”

Lance happily put his stuff down and ran off to get changed.

In the evening, the two of them arrived at Hayes residence as promised.

“Hello, Tim.”

“Ah, Ms. Wand, you’re here! Come on in! Mr. Hayes Sr. has already had someone prepare the food, so we’re all just waiting for you and Mr. Hayes to arrive.”

Sasha, who had deliberately worn a brand new dress for the dinner, felt her heart skip a beat when she heard what Tim said.

Mr. Hayes? Huh… These kids sure don’t disappoint!

With that in mind, she entered the house feeling excited.

While it was true that her children did not disappoint her, Sebastian did by not showing up, and he didn’t even bother calling to inform them.

“Um… I’m sorry, Sasha… You see, Sebastian doesn’t really remember certain things, and he hardly ever comes here these days, so please don’t take it to heart. I’ll be sure to give him a proper lecture later on!” Frederick quickly explained when he saw how upset Sasha looked because of Sebastian’s absence.

Sasha’s pale lips twitched slightly upon hearing that.

He doesn’t remember? No, he does. I’m the only one here who knows he didn’t really get his memory erased… So, what does it mean if he chose not to show up?

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