The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 396

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 396

“What do you mean they aren’t asking for too much? The Wand family and the Hayes are no longer related, so it would be unfair to Roxanne if I were to give that woman a chance to get near me!”

“Huh?” Wendy was completely taken aback by his response.

Give her a chance? How could he say that? Has he forgotten how he used to treasure her like she meant the world to him? The others may not be aware, but I know that very well!

However, she quickly understood why when she saw the cold and indifferent look in his eyes.

Oh, right… Of course… Mr. Hayes has already forgotten all about their past… His memories of her have been erased, so there’s no way he would care about her!

Wendy could only let out a sigh as she watched Sebastian walk away.

The next morning, Matteo and Ian looked listless after waking up as they were still upset about last night.

Wendy could only try to comfort them when she saw that. “Come on, cheer up! Since your daddy is off work today, I’ll have him take you boys out to the amusement park, okay?”

“No!” Neither Matteo nor Ian wanted anything to do with Sebastian at the time.

With no better alternative, Wendy could only carry on with her work while the two played in the hanging garden on the second floor.

To her surprise, she heard the boys screaming excitedly moments later, “It’s Mommy and Vivi! Look! They’re here!”

“Yeah! Over here, Mommy!”

Standing by the fence of the hanging garden, Ian waved at the white car that was pulling up into the driveway below.

Sasha had driven here in a brand new car she bought after making up her mind the night before.

She rolled the windows down when she saw the two boys shouting excitedly and called out to Vivian who was in the child car seat, “Look, Vivi! Your brothers are welcoming you!”


Vivian was preparing the breakfast that she had brought them and stuck her head out the window when she heard that.

“Matt! Ian! Come on downstairs! I brought you two a lot of tasty treats!”


Just like that, the two boys who felt depressed moments ago came running downstairs happily in a heartbeat.

A few minutes later, all four of them were standing by the front door, and Wendy hurried over to let them in.

“Long time no see, Ms. Wand! What brings you here so early in the morning?”

Wendy was delighted about Sasha coming over, and her eyes lit up with joy when she saw her at the door.

Sasha took a glance inside the villa and said awkwardly, “Yeah, about that… The renovations are officially completed for my house, so I was hoping to bring these boys home. I’m not sure if that’s okay with their daddy, though…”

“Ah, I’m afraid I can’t make that decision for Mr. Hayes. How about you ask him yourself?” Wendy said while pointing at the third floor.

So he really is still at home!

Sasha felt her heart skip a beat from joy, and she quickly adjusted her dress as she said, “Matteo, Ian, you two look after your sister, okay? Mommy’s going to have a talk with Daddy.”


Are you kidding me? Our silly Mommy is finally taking the initiative! This is such a miracle! All the best, Mommy! You can do it!

The triplets nodded profusely in unison and watched as Sasha entered the fancy villa that she had left for almost half a year.

The interior was mostly unchanged, and the huge chandelier hanging from the ceiling gave it an extravagant look even during the day. The spotless glass windows and the milky white couch gave off a warm glow in contrast to the icy-cold tiles, which added on to that luxurious vibe.

I remember this place like it was yesterday…

Sebastian wasn’t the type who spends every waking hour working. Whenever he had the time, he would stay home on Sundays to spend time with his kids.

Sasha went straight to the third floor and saw his bedroom door still tightly shut.

For a brief moment, she spaced out and had a flashback of the time Sebastian had kidnapped her from Clear and brought her here.

The two of them were truly at loggerheads with each other back then. Although that was no longer the case, it still felt like they were back where they started.

Sasha took a deep breath to recompose herself and knocked on the door.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

The clear sound of her knocking sounded as clear as a bell and could be heard throughout the entire floor that was in complete silence.

After about a few minutes, she heard a rustling noise coming from inside the room.

“Who is it?”

Sebastian’s familiar-sounding deep voice could be heard as he asked in annoyance while opening the door, making Sasha a lot more nervous.

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