The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 402

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 402

Sasha could only feel a lump in her throat, unable to continue any further. The warmth and joy that once filled her had seemingly all dissipated.

The harsh winds that gushed in were so cold that even her bones hurt.

“Ms. Wand?”

“I-I got it… But I still won’t leave. I only want to leave with him. Go up and tell him that I’ll be waiting for him here. I’ll wait here till he comes and take me back, no matter if it’s a day or two.”

Sasha’s eyes turned red-rimmed as she put forth her words in an extremely firm manner.

Those words were the most wimpish and disgraceful that she had ever said in her whole life.

Sasha was once a lady with unyielding character. Years ago, when she left the Hayes Residence, she walked off without looking back despite her miserable state, even when her two babies were still crying for food.

But now, she was no different from a shameless person, standing by the hotel entrance, waiting for him.

All that she wanted was to get the man who left her back.

Sebastian, I’m back. Can we live happily from now on? You’ve mentioned before you don’t wish to see our kids grow up in an incomplete family. If so, then shall we forget the past and start afresh?

That night, Sasha had indeed spent it at the hotel lobby.

And as expected, Sebastian did not come down.

No one knew if Karl had called to inform him about it, or perhaps he just could not be bothered about it.

In any case, Sasha did not see him even after waking up from her sleep on the couch. And the trouble was, the few spots that she had injured herself previously were swelling up.

“Excuse me, may I know where the washroom is?”


The receptionist at the hotel’s front desk did not have a good attitude toward her, perhaps because they could not chase her away, and yet, she did not want to book a room.

Sasha headed toward the direction of the washroom.

As she got in, she lifted her skirt to a dreadful sight—her knees were not only red and swollen but covered with abrasion wounds as well.

It seems like I’ll have to get them treated.

Sasha frowned. As a doctor, she knew she had to get some medicine to treat her wounds to prevent her from inflammation and restricted her mobility the next day.

With that, Sasha left the hotel.

Meanwhile, in the hotel’s penthouse suite, Sebastian did not sleep either. He was still busy with work matters.


In the middle of the night, the phone on the table suddenly rang. It was loud and clear in comparison to the utter silence.

He stopped his fingers that were hitting the keyboard buttons and grabbed his phone before unlocking it.

It was a message from Karl. Mr. Hayes, Ms. Wand has finally left.

Sebastian sneered and tossed his phone aside.

He had never believed her words. After knowing her for so long, he knew she was someone who would come up with all kinds of excuses and made them sound just.

Wait for me? Why? Did she forget she said that the Wand family and the Blackwood family had ended up that way because of me?

He remained cold and grim as he furrowed his brows and shoved that matter aside, disregarding it.

About an hour or so later, the doorbell to this penthouse suite suddenly rang.

Who is looking for me at this late hour?

He frowned as got up to open the door.

“Mr. Hayes, sorry to disturb you. Here’s a mushroom soup, as well as some pastries. The lady at the lobby has ordered them for you. She asked me to tell you that it’s late into the night, so have some and head to bed for a good rest.”

Seeing that Sebastian opened the door, the hotel server at the door hurriedly passed the items to him with a smile on her face.

Sebastian narrowed his gaze.

A lady? Could it be…?

Right at that moment, Karl called. Sebastian answered, “Yes?”

Karl continued, “Mr. Hayes, Ms. Wand is… she’s back again. I’m sorry I’ve made a mistake. I-I thought she’d left, but it turns out she only left to the pharmacy to get some medicine. Now, she’s back again.”

He was stammering throughout his speech, possibly because he did not do his job well.

Sebastian’s face darkened yet again.

Nonetheless, even he did not realize that his forbidding aura had toned down a lot at that moment.

“Go get her a room.”

“Got it, Mr. Hayes.” Karl hung up after getting the instructions.

As for the hotel server, she was chased off by Sebastian heartlessly.

I won’t eat!

He doesn’t want to eat?

When Sasha saw the server back at the lobby with the soup and pastries in her hands, she was instantly left disappointed.

Just then, she saw Karl coming in again.

“Get that lady a room, lest it affects the hotel’s operations,” Karl instructed the receptionist as he calmly shot a glance at Sasha, who had band-aids from head to toe.

Sasha looked at him, confused.

Get a room? Why get me one out of the blue? Is he doing that to prevent me from meeting Sebastian getting out of the hotel tomorrow?

At the thought of this, Sasha instantly declined the offer. “No, Mr. Frost. I don’t need a room. I’m all good sitting there.”

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