The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 404

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 404

“Why are you still standing there? Get in the car and hurry to the hospital now!” Sebastian hollered, with his tone full of anxiousness.

Of course, Karl did not dare to waste any more time.

And so, the few of them who were preparing to head back to Avenport rushed toward the hospital instead.

An hour later, they arrived at the hospital.

“Madam, aren’t you just on your period? What’s the fuss all about?”


Sasha, who still had her hand over her belly while sitting on the bed, widened her eyes in surprise.

Period cramps?

Is he a quack doctor? I’ve only used acupuncture to improve my blood circulation. Yet, he said I’m on my period?

When Sebastian heard the doctor say that, his face stiffened. What followed was a stern glare at Sasha.

She then quickly explained, “It’s not that. M-My period isn’t here yet, so how is it possible that I’m having period cramps? He must have given a wrong diagnosis.”

Sebastian was rendered speechless.

“Miss, you’ve stained our bedsheets. How could you still deny it? Shouldn’t you know your body conditions the best?” The nurse aside pointed to the sheets and retorted unpleasantly.

Sasha could not catch what the nurse meant.

She lowered her head and looked over to find that the doctor was indeed right. There was a messy stain below her skirt, forming a stark contrast between the crisp white sheets.

Unable to formulate a response, Sasha grabbed the blanket and covered herself up, hiding from the others.

The veins on Sebastian’s forehead throbbed and became visibly apparent.

However, there was nothing else he could do. All he could do was settle the matter on Sasha’s behalf since things had gotten to that point.

“Since you’ve figured out the cause, then hurry up and treat her!”

“Sir, there’s no treatment for menstrual cramps. You’ll have to regularly ensure that she’s kept warm and also give her more ginger tea.”

“I didn’t ask about regular care. I’m asking you for treatment now, be it a shot or some pills. Don’t give me all sorts of excuses.”

It was clear that Sebastian had lost his patience.

The doctor was intimidated by Sebastian’s imposing aura and did not dare to talk anymore. He quickly prescribed some painkillers before asking the nurse to put Sasha on an intravenous drip.

How weird. All I did was pricking an acupuncture point. How did I manage to summon my period?

Sasha was pretty frustrated about it.

As she did not dare to trouble Sebastian again, she pleaded in a low voice for help when the nurse was helping her with the drip. “Miss, can you help me go get a pack of that?”

The nurse stared at her. “Isn’t your husband here? Where would I have the luxury of time to go buy it for you?”

The nurse then took the tray and walked away.

Sasha was speechless.

He isn’t my husband. He’s my ex-husband. What’s more, he’s that kind who doesn’t listen to my commands.

She was in distress. She had thought of heading out to buy it herself, but she reckoned she would become the joke of if she went out with her blood-stained skirt.

“Mr. Hayes, since Ms. Wand is unwell, should we arrange for someone to take care of her? I just got a call from Mr. Scott, saying there’s an important meeting in the morning. We have to rush back now.”

After completing the paperwork outside the emergency unit, Karl glanced at the watch on his wrist and headed over to remind Sebastian.

Regardless, There was no response from him.

He was clear about work matters. Therefore, he was looking at Luke’s message regarding those important schedules as Karl gave the reminder.

“Dr. Brown, what do you think is wrong with that lady with period cramps? She even asked me to help her get some sanitary pads. Isn’t her husband over there?”

“I’m sure her husband is reluctant. Didn’t you see how annoyed and furious he was when I told him it was just cramps? Oh well, she can only blame it on her tough life.”

Just then, a conversation between two people sounded from the doctors’ office.

At the sound of that, the man outside the office, who was initially busy looking at his phone, instantly stopped whatever he was doing.

The chiseled, handsome face went beyond ghastly.

“Mr. Hayes?” Karl, who stood on the other side and did not hear the conservation, realized that something was off and immediately asked in concern.

Within a split second, he saw that Sebastian had lifted his head and cast his eyes toward the inside of the ward while looking extremely gloomy.

What exactly is happening?

Karl was confused as he shot a glance at Sasha, who was still inside.

“Wait for me here.” Sebastian finally pushed those words through his teeth.

With that said, he turned and left.

Karl was confused. He did not know what had happened.

After some time, at one of the most famous luxury boutique located in the most bustling part of the city, the female sales assistants in the store had their eyes shining in excitement when they saw a man walking in.

“Welcome, sir. Is there anything I can help you with?”

That man looked outstanding among the crowd. Besides a pair of cool shades, he was clad in a tailored black suit with the collar slightly open, revealing the crisp white shirt inside. He looked dashing in appearance. His facial features were beyond words to describe. They were sharp and looked enchanting, similar to the carved features on a sculpture. A single glance was enough to make anyone’s heart skip a beat, yet no one would be able to pull their gaze away from him.

Wow, this man… who exactly is he?

The sales assistants were all jumping in excitement, yearning to get near to him to serve him.

Yet, his expression was cold as ice.

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