The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 405

The Love that Never Really Dies Chapter 405

His gaze swept across the shop and landed on an outfit worn by the mannequin.

“Do you have other colors for this outfit?”

“Yes. What color do you like, sir? Who are you buying clothes for? I can help you with your purchases.”

The salesperson took out every color available and laid them out in front of Sebastian.

Sebastian took one glance and picked out the white-colored outfit.

He had never bought any clothes for women before. Back then, both Xandra and Roxanne would pick their clothes themselves, and he would only have to pay for their purchases.

This was the very first time for him.

The salesperson was surprised to see him pick such a plain color. “Sir, just this? Do you want a scarf to go with the outfit? Or you can get a skirt in another color.”

The store was famous for its plain-colored outfits matched with various accessories, so the salesperson was naturally shocked to see this customer picking only a plain-colored outfit without matching it with other accessories.

“No need,” Sebastian rejected her offer.

He didn’t think that the garish accessories would suit her. This plain outfit would do the trick.

Sebastian paid for the outfit and went to a supermarket nearby.

It was his first time buying women’s clothes, let alone feminine products.

As he was standing in front of the feminine care products silently, a promoter in the supermarket came to him and asked warmly, “Sir, are you here to buy these for your wife?”

Sebastian felt extremely awkward.

His expression froze. He had never flinched in front of formidable foes in the business world, but his ears were burning from embarrassment now.


“Ah, that’s nice. I rarely see men buying this for their wives. Do you need night or day pads?”

Sebastian fell silent. You’re asking me?

As a crowd formed beside him, he felt like escaping from the scene.

Luckily, the promoter saw how embarrassed he was and quickly grabbed a few night and day pads for him.

“Alright, these will do. By the way, you can buy some herbal tea for her if she suffers from period cramps.”

The promoter then handed him a box of herbal tea.

Sebastian refused to stay here any longer. He took the box from her and threw it in his shopping basket.

A few minutes later, he exited the supermarket with his teeth clenched.

Sasha Wand, just you wait. I’ll make you pay for this!

Karl had been waiting in the hospital. Upon spotting Sebastian, he went to greet him. “Mr. Hayes—”

Before he could finish, a shopping bag was flung in his direction.

Karl immediately caught it.

What is this?

“Give this bag to her and say you bought these items for her. We shall leave after that,” his employer gritted out between clenched teeth.

He came back an hour later in a foul mood. Did someone offend him?

Karl spun on his heels and head into the ward.

When Sasha poured out the contents of the shopping bag, both of them were astonished.

“Mr. Frost, you bought them?” Sasha was speechless.

Karl was shocked.

When he saw the women’s clothes, feminine products, and herbal tea, he felt like dying on the spot.

Mr. Hayes, you are a genius!

“Mr. Frost, why did you buy these? Uh…”

“No, no. Ms. Wand, I bought these under Mr. Hayes’ order. Don’t get me wrong,” Karl explained.

Oh, that man told him to buy these stuff.

Sasha relaxed visibly. Yet, when it occurred to her that Sebastian told his subordinate to buy these personal items for her instead of doing it himself, her gaze dimmed.

Yes, he doesn’t care. That’s why he told someone else to do it, right?

“Ms. Wand, we need to go. Mr. Hayes needs to head back to work. Take care, and call me if you need anything,” Kurt told her.

Sasha nodded. Finally, she no longer needed to trouble them.

What’s the point? I’m lying in the hospital, and he didn’t even bother to buy these personal items for me. It’s useless to cling on to him.

Disappointed, Sasha lay down in her bed.

Meanwhile, after Karl left the ward, he found his boss in the car.

“Mr. Hayes, why did you ask me to say that? Ms. Wand was upset when she heard that.”

For a long time, the man said nothing.

Karl sighed and started the engine to leave.

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