The More the Merrier Chapter 476

The More the Merrier Chapter 476

His Name

With her hands on her hips, Arissa glared at them and said, “I want to go to Northstream and look for my son!”

“We can’t let you do that. Without Mr. Graham’s orders, we dare not let you out.”

Though they felt sorry, they still had stern looks on their faces.

The woman darted her eyes around the room, then looked in the direction behind them and shouted, “You’re here, Benjamin!”

Thinking that it was really Benjamin, the bodyguards turned around to greet their boss. However, they realized that they were fooled.

Arissa seized the opportunity and ran out.

“Ms. York!”

The bodyguards reacted quickly and chased after her.

With her mind focused on escaping the men behind her, she didn’t pay attention to her front and bumped into someone’s chest.

A familiar scent filled her nose, and she instantly froze.

No way…

How can my luck be so bad?

“Where are you going?”

A familiar yet terrifying voice sounded from above her.

Smiling sheepishly, Arissa looked up at him.

She felt a little guilty when she saw the pair of darkened eyes.

“I have an upset stomach, so I wanted to use the restroom outside. But your bodyguards blocked my way and won’t let me out.”

Benjamin wrapped his arm around her waist and led her back to the ward. “Isn’t there one in the room?”

“I was scared that it would stink up the room.”

Arissa struggled, but failed to break free.

“It won’t stink if you turn on the exhaust fan,” Benjamin answered seriously as he brought her back to the room.

Then, glancing back at her, he said, “Go on.”

At that, Arissa did not know what else to say.

Besides, since she did say that she had an upset stomach, she had no choice but to use the restroom. She didn’t want her lie to be exposed.

She stayed in there for a few minutes before coming out.

Upon opening the restroom door, the aroma of food hit her nose.

Benjamin was sitting by the coffee table, and there were multiple dishes arranged on it.

“Come over and eat,” he said as he looked over.

Arissa’s stomach grumbled, and she walked over to take a seat opposite the man. Only then did she pick up the fork to eat.

“I’m going to get discharged once I’m done eating,” she said seriously, giving him no room for discussion.

“Okay,” Benjamin answered.

Hearing that, Arissa froze for a second before she looked over at him.

She was beyond confused when she saw the profound look in his eyes. Why is he being so cooperative all of a sudden?

What if it’s just a show?

“I want to head to Northstream to look for my son!”

“Sure,” Benjamin replied with a nod. He had no objections.

Arissa gaped at him in surprise.

He became so cooperative after she woke up. Did something happen while I was sleeping?

Benjamin glanced at the shocked look on her face, then fed her a piece of meat.

“You’d better eat your fill if you want to look for your son. Our flight is at eight-thirty,” he said indifferently as he continued to feed her.

Arissa’s eyes lit up in an instant. “Are you saying that you’ve already booked the plane tickets?”

“There’s no need for that,” he said.

The corners of the woman’s lips twitched. True. He has his own plane, so there’s no need for him to book a ticket.

“Then, why don’t we leave earlier?”

Why wait till eight-thirty?

Benjamin’s eyes swept over her. “I have a meeting in half an hour.”

“What does your meeting have to do-”

Her movements paused, then she looked over at him in shock. “Are you going too?”

Benjamin narrowed his eyes, a sharp glint in his eyes.

“You’re saying I can’t go?”

Arissa’s laughed dryly in response. “No. Of course, you can go. He’s your son too, after all.”

“Keep that fake laugh of yours to yourself,” he scolded, still glaring at her.

The woman pouted, upset at his response. “Benjamin, is it so hard for you to admit that I look good when I smile?”

This viper-tongued bast*rd!

Nonetheless, all he did was purse his lips for a second before he continued to eat.

Seeing that he wasn’t going to continue talking, Arissa dared not continue to mess with him.

She didn’t want to upset him for that would make him put her on house arrest again.

“Hey. What’s our son’s name?”

A glint flashed across his eyes as he replied, “Tim.”

“Huh?” She was stunned.

Sighing, Benjamin repeated, “It’s Tim.”

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