The More the Merrier Chapter 477

The More the Merrier Chapter 477

 Fooled By The Kids

Upon hearing the name, Arissa blinked, thinking that she had heard it wrong.

However, she recalled that the boy had grown up in a rural area, so it was quite normal for him to have a name like that.

“That’s cute!”

“We’ll have to change it when we bring him home,” the man said as he took a glance at her.

She had no opinions on this since she thought that the name was more suitable to be used privately.

Benjamin had his meeting right after they were done with their dinner.

He had a video conference in the ward.

The whole time, he spoke in foreign languages, and Arissa couldn’t help but feel shocked as she listened to him converse in multiple languages.

A moment later, she planned to head out to get some gifts for her son since she was going to see him soon.

“Where are you going?”

The woman turned around and instantly met eyes with the man.

Naturally, she was stunned. Wasn’t he focused on his meeting earlier?

In the next instant, she could vaguely hear people talking through his earphones, and she was left speechless by that.

“I want to get something for our son.”

“No need. Just stay in the ward,” he ordered with furrowed brows.

Then, he turned back and continued with his meeting.

Arissa stared at the man’s lean figure as he worked, captivated by the view before her.

Am I supposed to go and meet my son empty-handed, then?

She wouldn’t be able to leave the room without his orders anyway, which was why all she could do was cooperate.

Then, the woman dialed Bradley’s phone number.

“Did you find him yet, Bradley?”

“I just arrived at the hospital, Boss. I’m still looking for him so I’ll call you again later.”

“All right,” she said before giving Gavin a call.

The boy picked up almost instantly.

“It’s a call from Mommy!”

At once, Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse surrounded their brother.

Gavin took a look at Tim and said, “It’s Mommy!”

Then, he put the call on speaker mode.


The voices of the five kids came through, and a smile instantly surfaced on Arissa’s face.

Their voices brought joy to her, and she missed them so much since she hadn’t seen them for a day.

“Have you guys been good? Is Gavin still unwell?”

Envy flashed across Tim’s eyes when he heard the gentle voice from the call.

Subsequently, he took a look at Gavin. Is he feeling unwell?

“I’m fine now, Mommy. Don’t worry about me. What about you? Are you feeling better?” the boy asked anxiously.

“I’ve slept all day so I’m feeling much better. Mommy will be going out with Daddy later, so all of you just stay at home and be good, okay?”

The kids could already guess that their parents were coming to Northstream when they heard what she said.

Eyes gleaming, they kept quiet about the fact that they were right there.

Mommy’s going to be so surprised when she sees us here.

“Okay, Mommy!” Gavin promised.

“Are you going to look for our brother, Mommy?” Zachary deliberately asked.

“Huh? You knew?”

Arissa was taken aback, and she quickly took a look at Benjamin.

“Of course. Uncle Shaun told us!”

“Don’t worry about us and just focus on looking for him, Mommy. We’ll be waiting for you at home,” Zachary said.

Hearing their brother’s words, Oliver and Jasper giggled among themselves.

Jesse was also covering her mouth and trying not to laugh out loud.

Tim, on the other hand, was shocked to see that Zachary was lying.

“Okay. I might not be home any time soon. All of you have to listen to Edwin, and don’t run off on your own, okay?”

Arissa thought it wouldn’t be an easy task bringing the boy home and that she would have to hang out with him for a few days to get to know each other first.

Besides, Mary was sick. She was not even sure of when they would return home.

We might have to stay at Northstream for a few days.

“Don’t worry, Mommy. We’ll wait for you and our brother at home,” Jasper said.

The woman continued to give them reminders as she still hadn’t realized where they were.

Benjamin looked up at her and his lips tilted upward into a smile.

How silly is she… She doesn’t even know that she’s been fooled by the kids.

Arissa saw the teasing look on the man’s face the moment she hung up. She was dumbfounded by it at first, but she quickly returned the look with a glare.

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