The More the Merrier Chapter 480

The More the Merrier Chapter 480

What Will Be His Reaction

“I’ll stay here. Go ahead and have dinner with Mr. Frank and the rest!” Tim said.

He felt it was not right to make them stay with him.

“It’s all right! We’ll keep you company!” Zachary inched closer and wrapped his arm around Tim’s shoulder.

“We can have our dinner here too! Let’s wait for Mdm. Mary together.”

Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse all nodded in agreement. “Yes. Just let us stay here with you, okay?”

Tim was very touched.

Seeing that, Ethen volunteered to stay back to accompany the children too.

He turned to Bradley and Shaun and said, “You guys go and have your dinner first. Pack some food for us when you come back.”

Shaun had no choice but to agree with the arrangement. “All right then. We’ll bring you dinner. Tell us what you want to eat!”

Then, Shaun left to eat dinner with the rest.

Bradley wanted to stay back, but the little ones told him to leave.

“You should also join them, Mr. Frank. Just bring dinner for us when you come back!”

Gavin also tried to push Ethen away.

“Please allow me to stay back. Your daddy will be worried if there isn’t an adult here to watch over all of you!” Ethen felt he was obliged to watch over these little ones.

“We do have bodyguards here, don’t we? Don’t worry, Mr. Frank. We won’t be running around. We’ll just stay in the ward!” Zachary promised.

“Please go, Mr. Frank. I’ll get you if we need your help!” Tim added. Poor Mr. Frank. He hadn’t gotten any rest since he had been looking after us since he came here.

Ethen gave in and went to have dinner with the rest. “Stay here, and don’t run around, okay?”

The six children nodded and waved their hands in the air, gesturing for him to leave. “Let’s go! Just come back soon!”

Bradley could not stand how slow Ethen was. He nudged Ethen, prompting him to leave the ward.

Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse were very independent. That was why Bradley was confident that they could take good care of themselves.

He also knew they would behave in the hospital.

Gavin, whom Benjamin had raised since he was a baby, was also a well-behaved child.

Tim, for sure, would not run around since he had to take care of Mary.

Ethen ordered the bodyguards to pay attention to the six little ones and Mary. He also told them to call him should anything happen. He then left the ward with Bradley.

Once the adults left, Gavin asked Tim, “What do you like to eat? I’ll ask Mr. Frank to pack some for you!”

“I’m fine with anything!” Tim responded.

Growing up in a poor family, Tim had learned to eat anything available to him.

Gavin nodded. He then turned to Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse. “How about you guys?”

“Anything will do. Mr. Hinton knows what we like anyway,” Zachary answered. He knew now was not the time to be picky.

Gavin nodded. He went out, called Shaun on the phone, and told him to bring some delicious food to the ward.

Meanwhile, Arissa, who was still on a flight, was running out of patience.

“Why is the plane so slow?”

She gazed out of the window, and the sky was pitch black. The only light source in the aircraft was the floor lights along the aisle.

“Calm down, and take a rest. We won’t be arriving anytime soon!” Benjamin could not focus on his work as he was distracted by Arissa.

Arissa looked at him and asked, “Can we go faster? Can you get the pilot to speed up?”

Benjamin took a sidelong glance at her but paid no heed to her request.

Arissa pouted. She did not know what else to do on the plane since she could not play on her phone.

After returning from the restroom, she walked back and forth on the aisle like a cat on a hot tin roof.

She then sneaked a glance at the busy man before taking her seat. How would my son react when he sees me? Will he be excited to see me? Will he be afraid of me?

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