The More the Merrier Chapter 481

The More the Merrier Chapter 481


Arissa could not help but go through all the possible scenarios in her head. She had no idea how the little guy would react later.

Benjamin lifted his eyes to look at her. “What are you so nervous about?”

“What?” Arissa turned around to look at him while fidgeting.

Benjamin looked at her. “Watch a film if you’re bored!”

Arissa pressed her lips and responded, “I am not in the mood!”

Benjamin looked at the bodyguard and signaled him to serve her a glass of fruit juice. “Ms. York.”

“Thanks!” Arissa responded.

The bodyguard then went to get her more snacks.

Snacking did help to kill time, but the journey still felt like an eternity.

After peeping at the man who was still busy working, Arissa put on a pair of headphones and watched a film.

Yet, she was so worked up that she did not know what she was watching.

She had no choice but to force herself to continue watching the film since they would only arrive in another hour.

Minutes later, her eyes felt heavy, and she eventually dozed off.

Benjamin walked up to Arissa and grabbed a blanket to cover her body before continuing with his work.

“Sweetheart!” Arissa mumbled.

Benjamin tilted his head to check on her and realized she was sleep talking.

The plane finally arrived at Northstream airport around ten o’clock in the late evening.

Upon noticing Arissa was still asleep, Benjamin gestured for the bodyguards to keep quiet.

After waiting for a short while, he decided to carry her since she was still sleeping like a log.

They then got into the car that would take them to the hospital.

When they arrived at the hospital, Benjamin woke Arissa up.

Benjamin pinched her ruddy and plump cheek. “We’re at the hospital now.”

Benjamin’s eyes darkened, and he pinched her cheek again. “Wake up! We’ve arrived!”

Arissa finally woke up from her sleep. She looked into Benjamin’s eyes and froze for a moment.

Upon realizing she was still in a daze, he lifted his chin, gesturing for her to look out the window.

Arissa turned around and saw the hospital. She was instantly overwhelmed by emotions. “We’ve arrived?”

She bounced up from his thighs right away. When she was about to get out of the car, she accidentally knocked her head against the headliner. “Ouch!”

Benjamin grabbed her arm and reprimanded her, “Stop acting like a headless chicken!”

Arissa rubbed her head and pouted. “Can you blame me? I’m just eager to meet my son!”

Benjamin pulled her over and gently massaged her head despite having a grim expression on his face.

Arissa looked at him and said, “I’m fine now.”

Benjamin refused to let her go. “Apply some ointment first!”

He tilted his body to retrieve the first-aid kit and took out a bottle of ointment to apply the medicine to her head.

Arissa’s heart started pounding after glancing at him a few times.

She lost her composure when she realized she was sitting on his lap.

When Arissa adjusted her body’s position a little, Benjamin shot daggers at her and reprimanded her, “Don’t move!”

Arissa froze for a moment and dared not move. She had no choice but to sit still on the man’s lap.

Upon feeling the muscles on Benjamin’s thighs, her heart raced even faster.

Even her cheeks also started blushing.

After applying the ointment to her head, Benjamin noticed her brick-red face. A glint flashed across his eyes. Why does she look so attractive?

Benjamin fixed his eyes on Arissa and held her gaze with a burning intensity. “Why are you blushing?”

His magnetic voice rumbled through her ears. She felt a tingling sensation, and her cheeks got even rosier. “I feel a little warm.”

After avoiding his eye contact, she asked, “Can I get down now?”

Benjamin grinned. “Yes.”

Yet, when she was about to get off the car, she felt the man was still wrapping his hands around her waist.

She turned around to look him in the eye. Something in his gaze tugged at her heartstrings, making her heart flutter.

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