The More the Merrier Chapter 484

The More the Merrier Chapter 484


When Mary saw they didn’t discriminate a poor old lady like her and were ever so passionate with her, she started to tear up.

“Tim, hand me the bowl. I’ll feed her. You go and play with Gavin and the others, okay?”

Arissa walked to Tim, squatted down, and gently suggested.

“There’s no need for that!”

Tim pouted and rejected her. Then, he turned around and continued to feed Mary.

Arissa felt dejected for a moment when she felt Tim’s rejection and unhappiness toward her.

Mary looked at them and sighed softly before taking a bite of the food fed by Tim.

Then, she said to Arissa, “Don’t worry. It takes some time!”

Arissa was startled. She looked at Mary in astonishment. Did she know already?

Mary smiled and nodded. “The young man told me about it!”

Arissa wasn’t sure which young man Mary was talking about, but Benjamin knew that she was referring to Ethen.

It looks like Ethen has already told her.

“Mdm. Mary, you knew?”

Arissa was straightforward and concerned about Tim’s feelings.

Mary nodded. “When I woke up, I wanted to talk to Tim about it. I didn’t expect you to come over so soon. I heard they said you were sick. Are you okay now?”

Mary was concerned about Arissa’s poor health.

Tim also sneaked a peek at her.

Seeing that Mary was a kindhearted person, Arissa was deeply moved.

After looking at the interaction between Mary and her child, she knew they had a good relationship.

She smiled and said, “It’s just something minor. Don’t listen to them. I’ve already recovered.”

Arissa didn’t want Mary to worry about her. She was still hospitalized after all.

“That’s great!”

Mary nodded.

“How should I address you?”

“My name is Arissa. But you can call me Issa. The father is Benjamin.”

Arissa introduced Benjamin and herself to Mary.

Benjamin glanced at her before looking at Tim.

Then, he sighed in his heart.

Gavin and the others came in and didn’t want to disturb Tim and the others. So they stood aside.

Arissa had a chat with Mary before switching her focus on Tim.

She kept looking at Tim, trying to imprint every detail of his looks in her mind.

Tim felt her gaze, but he didn’t show any repulsion. However, his body was all tense.

He was getting nervous. Maybe it was because he knew Arissa was his mother and was too timid to approach her, afraid that she might dislike him.

Arissa couldn’t help but want to hug him.

As she reached out her hand and touched Tim’s hair, she saw the repulsion in his eyes and decided not to hug him.

“Sweetheart! How are you doing?”

Arissa smiled and looked at her son.

Tim pouted and blushed. He was embarrassed to hear Arissa calling him her sweetheart.


Mary raised her voice and reminded Tim, “Be polite!”

After a while, he replied softly, “I am fine!”

Arissa narrowed her eyes and gave him a loving smile.

“That’s great!”

Tim shuddered and glanced back at her. Then, he turned around and continued to feed Mary.

Benjamin was delighted to see their interaction.

“I used to call Tim by another name. However, when he was a child, the children in the village called him Tim,” Mary explained to them. She seemed to like Tim’s name a lot.

“What a coincidence. I bought a house in Rutaceae Village. I even went there a while ago!” Arissa said.

Mary was surprised. “You’ve been to Rutaceae Village?”

Arissa nodded. “Yes. I took the children there a while ago. But we only stayed for a couple of days!”

Tim seemed to recall something and quickly glanced at Arissa again.

Are they the ones who played in the stream?

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