The More the Merrier Chapter 486

The More the Merrier Chapter 486

So The Boy Knows

While Tim was getting water for Benjamin, Arissa took over and fed Mary.

When she heard Benjamin talking to the child, her eyes widened.

Since when did he tell the child about his identity?

He should have told me, so I won’t have to tiptoe around.

If that’s the case, the boy must know who we are then.

Arissa glanced at them and saw Tim sitting rigidly on Benjamin’s lap.

Even Tim’s small face looked really tense. She reminded Benjamin, “Benjamin, don’t scare Tim!”

Benjamin looked up and glanced at her before returning his attention to the boy.

That was when he released his hands and said, “If they bully you, you have to tell me!”

“They never,” responded Tim softly.

Feeling that he was acknowledging Benjamin, the boy pursed his lips, jumped off from Benjamin’s lap, and even smoothened his clothes.

Benjamin’s heart skipped a beat. This boy is very endearing.

Gavin, Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse saw that Tim seemed a little scared of their daddy.

“Tim, come over here and take a seat. Let’s have some fruit!”

Zachary was very welcoming to Tim.

However, Tim shook his head and ran over to Mary.

When he saw that Arissa was feeding Mary, he tugged at her clothes before saying, “Ms. York, I’ll feed Grandma. You go and sit over there!”

Arissa turned to look at her son lovingly and said, “It’s fine. I will do it. Go play with Gavin and the rest of them!”

Tim remained by the bedside and watched as Arissa fed Mary.

When Arissa saw Tim standing next to her, she pulled him over and said, “Help me blow at the soup and cool it down!”

Tim just cast a glance at her and used the spoon to stir the soup to cool it down.

When Arissa saw that, she was thrilled. She was not expecting him to accept her so soon. She could wait.

“Mdm. Mary, take your time and eat slowly!”

Arissa was very patient and fed Mary as if she was feeding a child.

Once in a while, she would clean Mary’s mouth and even coax her.

Mary was very touched. “Issa, there’s no need to feed me. I can eat by myself.”

“It’s all right. Anyway, I have nothing to do. I slept on the way here, so I’m not tired at all,” said Arissa with a smile.

She continued to feed her.

Seeing that she was so determined, Mary did not refuse her kindness anymore.

Once Mary was done with her meal, Arissa fed her with some soup.

Worried that it might be too hot for her, Arissa cooled it down by blowing on it before giving it to Mary.

“Be careful.”


Mary looked at her adoringly. This girl is genuinely good to me. She isn’t putting up a front.

Mary was very happy for Tim.

It looks like I don’t have to worry about Tim if he lives with Issa.

Before Mary could finish her soup, Shaun and the others arrived.

They were very glad to see Benjamin and Arissa there.

“Arissa, Benjamin, both of you are here.”

Shaun looked at them with a smile on his face.


Arissa replied, “We have been here for a while now.”

Benjamin glanced at them and asked Shaun, “Have you taken a look at Mary yet?”

“When I got here, Mary was still asleep, and I checked her after she woke up. Her condition is still quite stable, but a full body checkup is needed. After she has finished taking her meal and rested for a while, we can perform some parts of the checkup first,” said Shaun.

After all, there were several things to be done for the full body checkup, and it would be too tiring for Mary to finish everything in one day.

Shaun planned to do some parts of the checkup for Mary later that night.

Benjamin gestured to Shaun for a word outside, so Shaun went out with him.

After greeting Arissa and playing with Tim, Bradley went over to sit with Gavin.

Ethen greeted Arissa before going out with Benjamin.

When Gavin and his four siblings saw that there was nothing to do in the ward, they followed suit to eavesdrop.

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