The More the Merrier Chapter 487

The More the Merrier Chapter 487

Thanks To You

When Tim saw that, he bit his lips. He was tempted to hear about his grandma’s health condition too.

Arissa rubbed his head and assured him, “Don’t worry.”

Tim looked up at her before looking down.

Looking at his quiet face, Arissa smiled gently.

After feeding Mary some fruit, Arissa proceeded to clean up the small dining table and was about to clear the trash.

Tim snatched the trash from her and ran out.

Arissa was taken aback.

“Let him do it!” Mary laughed.

Arissa smiled and said, “That was very fast of him!”

With a sigh, Mary explained, “Our family has always been very poor. Hence, he has been used to doing chores at a young age! It’s a pity we have never been able to provide a comfortable life for him.”

When Arissa heard what Mary said, she consoled her.

“Grandma, please don’t say that. We are very grateful to you. If not for all of you, we may never see this son of ours again.”

Pain showed up on Arissa’s face. Tim had nearly lost his life when Danna took him away.

There was no way she could forget that pain and sorrow.

Mary looked at her.

“Issa, that young man, Ethen, told me that Tim had been taken away back then. Is that true?”

Arissa nodded and sniffled. “It’s true. Back then, I was being locked in a place…”

Without withholding anything back, Arissa went on to share with Mary everything that had happened to her back then.

Mary sighed after hearing her story. “You have had such a hard life. How can there be such a vile and wicked woman in this world? Issa, if Tim knows about this, he won’t blame you too. He hasn’t seen you for so many years. Perhaps, that’s why he isn’t used to you yet. Give him some time, and he will be fine!”

Arissa nodded with a smile. “I’m very thankful that we have found him. The rest of it can wait.”

Mary agreed with her too. “I’m only an old and sick woman. Not only can I not look after him well, but I will also be a burden to him. He is the one who dragged me here to see the doctor. The money used is also earned by him!”

Arissa’s heart ached when she heard that.

She felt sorry for her son and also for Mary as well.

“Mdm. Mary, don’t worry. Just get well and don’t worry about the medical fees. I will handle everything!”

“H-How can I let you do that?” Mary was embarrassed by the offer.

“Grandma, please accept our token of appreciation. You have taken very good care of Tim. Footing your medical bills will make us feel better. No matter what, you are still Tim’s grandma. Therefore, you are our relative too. It’s only right that we take care of you. Please don’t feel bad about it. I don’t even know how to thank you!”

Arissa tried very hard to convince Mary because she wanted her to get well without any worries.

“Once you are well again, I still require your help to look after the children!”

Mary was perplexed.

Arissa explained, “Both Benjamin and I have to work during the day. We have no time to look after the children. If you are around to keep an eye on them, we will feel a lot at ease. Tim will also feel much better with you by his side. Don’t you think so?”

Mary was aware of her kind intention, so she nodded with contentment.

“All right then. I understand. I will do my best to get well!”

Arissa poured Mary a glass of water and only gave it to her when it cooled down a little.

“Mdm. Mary, take some water to soothe your throat and take a rest. After that, you still have to go for a checkup.”

“Of course.”

Mary said, “Please go and check on Tim. Is he still outside?”

Arissa tucked Mary in before heading outside.

There was no sight of the men and the children anywhere.

Where have they gone to?

“Where did they go?” she asked the bodyguards at the door.

“Ms. York, the children have followed Mr. Graham to the doctor’s office.”

She instructed the bodyguards to keep an eye on Mary before heading in the direction they were pointing at.

From a distance away, she could see Tim hiding outside the door.

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