The More the Merrier Chapter 489

The More the Merrier Chapter 489

He Still Loves The Presents

Arissa fondled his head, folded the clothes, and put them aside.

“We bought you shoes too! Sit down and let me put on the shoes for you!”

She took out the shoes and left them on the side.

Tim removed his slippers and curled his toes.

Arissa knew that her son was embarrassed, so she pulled him down to the seat and put on the shoes for him.

Tim pulled back his legs and put them on by himself.

Arissa looked at him and just let him be.

“Do they fit you?”

“Yes!” responded Tim.

She pressed her fingers on the front of the shoes and realized they were a little too big.

Arissa looked at Tim and noticed that he was blushing.

“They are too big.”

Rubbing his head, Arissa said softly, “Don’t worry. I’ll get you another pair.”

Tim mumbled, “It’s fine. I can wear these too.”

“No. Shoes have to fit well in order to be comfortable.”

Arissa brushed his hair. Seeing that he did not remove the shoes, she was delighted.

It appeared that Tim did like his presents after all.

“Remove the new shoes first. We’ll go get you a pair that fits well. As for this pair of shoes, you can wear them once your feet have grown bigger!”

Tim looked at the smile on her face and pondered.

Is she genuinely nice to me, or is she doing this out of guilt?

The thought of Arissa doing all those to make it up to him turned Tim aloof once again.

“Ms. York, please don’t waste your money. I don’t like the shoes!”

Hearing the cold voice of the boy, Arissa felt her heart ache. He was resisting her attempt to get closer to him.

“All right then. Sweetheart, what kind of shoes do you like? Tell me, and I’ll buy them for you.”

Tim turned away.

Arissa felt so helpless, and when she saw the boy’s frail body, tears started to well up again.

Her heart hurt so much.

“Issa, don’t worry. If Tim prefers the new shoes, just let him wear them!”

When Mary saw that she was upset, she tried to console her.

Arissa nodded.

Just then, Benjamin and the rest of them came in.

“Mdm. Mary, how are you feeling now?

“I’m feel fine!” replied Mary with a smile.

“Please follow Shaun for your checkup. The rest will be completed tomorrow,” said Benjamin.

Mary acknowledged.

Shaun and the medical team took Mary for her checkup.

Tim followed behind them too.

“Tim, why don’t you wait for your grandma in the room?”

“I want to go with Grandma!”

Tim held on very tightly to Mary’s hands and bit his lips. He was worried that Mary would desert him.

Mary was heartbroken.

So was Arissa. She went up to touch his head and said, “Let him go with them. We will go too!”

Mary said, “It’s only a checkup. There’s no need for all of you to follow me. It’s getting late. All of you should go back and get some rest.”

“Let’s go and get the checkup done first.”

Arissa did not want to get into an argument with Mary. She intended to stay back and take care of them.

“Let’s go, Mdm. Mary,” Shaun called out as he pushed her away.

Everything had already been arranged.

Arissa wanted to hold Tim’s hand, but he ran and held Mary’s hand instead.

Looking at Tim’s back, she reminded herself to take things slowly.

“Let’s go.”

Benjamin went up to her and held her outstretched hand.

“Don’t fret!” Benjamin comforted her.


Arissa looked at him and asked, “What were all of you discussing earlier on?”

“The treatment course for Mary. We will do whatever that can be done here. For the rest of it, we may have to return to Dellmoor and get them done there!”

Arissa found that it was a good plan. She glanced at the direction of Tim before saying, “I’m worried he may not want to follow us to Dellmoor!”

After all, it must be difficult for Mary to leave her hometown, let alone a child. They would definitely find it hard to adjust to the new environment.

“Don’t worry. I have an idea. For the time being, let them stay here first. We can only transfer Mary to another hospital when her condition has stabilized anyway.”

Benjamin analyzed the situation for her, and Arissa agreed.

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