The More the Merrier Chapter 491

The More the Merrier Chapter 491

 Arissa Takes Care Of Mary Personally

Why didn’t Mary’s son accompany her here for treatment?

At that line of thought, Arissa’s brows knitted together deeply as puzzlement gripped her.

“He’s at the police station,” Tim answered curtly.

Benjamin swept his gaze over the boy before he gestured to Ethen about talking to him privately.

“Have you made all the arrangements over there?”

In response, Ethen nodded. “Yes, everything is in place. He won’t be released so easily.”

Benjamin nodded in approval, his alluring face cold and forbidding.

“Keep a close eye on him and don’t allow him to get out.”

“Understood, Mr. Graham!” Ethen replied.

He had made all the arrangements meticulously, so Raphael couldn’t possibly get out of prison in the next few years.

Meanwhile, Bradley merely eyed them and listened quietly without butting in.

Don’t tell me it was Mr. Graham who got Tim’s uncle into prison?

Arissa, on the other hand, was entirely ignorant about the situation. Since the person in question was Mary’s son, she inquired in concern, “Why is he at the police station?”

However, Tim pursed his lips and kept mum.

He instinctively didn’t want her to know that Raphael picked on him.

Seeing that her son wasn’t saying anything, Arissa didn’t pursue the matter any further.

She glanced at Benjamin, sensing that he probably knew something. She then decided to ask him about it later.

Shortly after, Mary came out after her examination. Tim hurried over to support her. “How was it, Mdm. Mary?”

“It was just a checkup, so it didn’t hurt at all!” Mary reassured.

Upon hearing that, Tim breathed a sigh of relief.

Shaun then walked out of the examination room and whisked Mary away for other examinations.

The whole group of people went along.

Mary did a total of five different examinations before Shaun allowed her to go back and rest.

Benjamin, Ethen, and Bradley went with Shaun to discuss Mary’s condition while Arissa wheeled Mary back to the hospital room with the children.

“Where will you all be staying tonight, Issa?”

Mary was reluctant to have Arissa stay at the hospital since it was quite late then.

“They’ll probably be staying at a hotel, but I’ll be staying here tonight to take care of you, Mdm. Mary,” Arissa answered.

Hearing that, Mary waved a dismissive hand. “No, it’s okay. There are doctors and nurses here, so there isn’t anything to do even if you stay. Go back and have a good rest. Besides, you’ve also just recovered. Don’t tire yourself out again!”

“It’s not tiring to take care of you. Even if I leave, I’ll worry. Also, Tim wants to stay to keep you company, so it’s all the more vital that I stay,” Arissa explained.

Tim couldn’t possibly leave with them and abandon Mary in the hospital all alone.

Arissa really couldn’t bring herself to do that. Thus, she decided to follow suit and keep Mary company as well.

She had found her child at long last, so she yearned to have more interaction with him.

“Take Tim back with you to rest!” Mary insisted.

“I’m not leaving, Grandma! I want to be with you!”

Tim clutched Mary’s hand, staunchly refusing to leave.

At that, Mary heaved a sigh.

“I’m not trying to give you the boot. It’s just that you’ve kept me company for the entire day without getting any rest. Go back with them and have a good rest. Then, you can come back tomorrow to keep me company!”

She stroked his face with a look of anguish.

“Grandma, I can also rest in the hospital. I don’t want to part with you!”

Tim remained adamant, and his eyes even turned red-rimmed.

Glimpsing that, Mary caressed his head in distress. “All right, we won’t part then. You can stay at the hospital to keep me company.”

That was exactly what Arissa had expected, and she was glad to see her son showing Mary such tender love.

She wheeled Mary back to the hospital room before going into the bathroom and getting a basin of warm water for Mary to wipe her face.

“I think I won’t shower you today, Mdm. Mary. I’ll give you a wipe.”

Mary wanted to do it herself, but Arissa didn’t allow it.

Verily, Mary was touched to see that she wasn’t at all averse to her but exceedingly amicably instead.

“Thank you, Issa!”

“Don’t mention it!” Arissa replied with a smile.

Then, she turned and said to Tim, “Sweetheart, you should go and have a shower, too!”

“I’ll do it, Ms. York!”

Tim wanted to take over the duty of wiping Mary’s face, but Arissa pushed him away.

“I can manage. Go and take a shower, quick! You can’t go to bed late as you are a kid!”

Mary waved a hand, signaling Tim to go and take a shower. “Hurry up and go!”

Only then did Tim head to the bathroom.

Subsequently, Gavin and the other children surrounded Arissa. “Do you need any help, Mommy?”

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