The More the Merrier Chapter 494

The More the Merrier Chapter 494

Kissing Her Passionately

“Yup. Ethen said the caregiver will be here in a while. Just leave the unwashed clothes, and she’ll handle it when she arrives,” Benjamin replied casually.

“Oh well, I can finish it before leaving!”

When Arissa went in and saw that all her children were there, contentment suffused her. She didn’t feel the least bit tired.

“Hurry up and go back to rest, Issa. Just leave the clothes first. I’ll just wash them tomorrow.”

Ultimately, Mary felt bad for troubling her.

“I’m about done, Mdm. Mary. It’ll just take a few minutes more. Do rest first!”

Arissa flashed her a smile before going into the washroom and washing the clothes. Then, she hung them up to dry. Only after doing all that did she take her leave and said goodbye to Mary.

“Mdm. Mary, I’m going back to rest. If there’s anything you need at night, just tell Benjamin.”

“All right, don’t worry about me anymore. Hurry up and go back to rest. I’ll also be sleeping in a while, so I won’t be needing anything.”

Truth be told, Mary was rather exhausted then.

Nodding, Arissa walked over to Tim and crouched beside him.

“Sweetheart, come back with me to rest, okay?”

Alas, Tim shook his head and dashed over to Mary.

Giving a soft sigh, Arissa smiled and reassured gently, “Don’t be afraid. I won’t take you away. I’ll be leaving. Keep Mdm. Mary company tonight and rest well.”

Tim stared at her, not quite sure whether she was going back to Dellmoor or someplace else.

“I’m leaving, Sweetheart! I’ll be back tomorrow! Bye!”

Arissa bid her son farewell in a gentle voice before she brought Gavin and the others back.

“Bye, Tim! Rest well. We’ll be back tomorrow to play with you!”

“Bye, Tim! See you tomorrow!”

The five children bid Tim and Mary goodbye before they left with Arissa.

“Rest first!” Benjamin said before he saw Arissa and the children out.

When Arissa saw that Bradley was still there, she called out, “Follow us back to rest, Bradley! Benjamin will be handling things here.”

Studying them, Bradley nodded in agreement. “Okay!”

At that turn of events, Benjamin swept his gaze over the man.

“Benjamin, keep an eye on their condition since you’re staying. Phone me if there’s anything,” Arissa reminded.

In response, Benjamin nodded. “Don’t worry. I’ll handle everything perfectly!”

When they arrived downstairs, he carried the children into the car. “Go to bed earlier when you all get back!”

Arissa nodded. She then bent down to climb into the car when she suddenly remembered something. She pulled the man to the side.

“Why is Tim’s uncle at the police station? Do you know the reason?”

At her question, Benjamin’s gaze flickered. “Don’t ask so many questions. Go back and rest, quick!”

Arissa eyed him with a frown. “Do you think I won’t investigate the matter if you refuse to tell me?”

Benjamin’s brows furrowed, and he glowered at her. “He committed domestic violence, so Tim lodged a police report and had him arrested.”

Never having expected such a reason, Arissa was shocked to the core.

“Who was the victim?” she demanded frantically.

Was it Mdm. Mary or my son?

Benjamin’s expression turned icy cold. “Both weren’t spared!”

All at once, Arissa’s brows knitted deeply together, and her heart twisted in agony. So, my child grew up in such an environment?

Deep-seated guilt and anguish inundated her.

This is all on me for not remembering that I still had another child! If only I had returned earlier! Then, I would’ve found him earlier, and he wouldn’t have had to suffer as much!

Upon seeing that she was blaming herself again, Benjamin stroked her hair. “Stop blaming yourself. Go back earlier.”

Arissa looked at him, upon which the man jutted his chin in the direction of the car, reminding her that the children were all waiting for her.

Composing herself, Arissa urged, “Remember to rest as well at the hospital!”

“Will do!” Benjamin flashed her a smile.

Arissa gave him a final look before she whirled around to get into the car. She didn’t notice that Benjamin took her hand and fell right onto the man.

Wrapping an arm around her waist, Benjamin kissed her passionately.

After that, he pinched her face and declared domineeringly, “Sleep tight when you go back. Don’t let your mind wander!”

Arissa blushed to the tip of her ears, her cheeks flaming hotly.

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