The More the Merrier Chapter 495

The More the Merrier Chapter 495

Your Relationship Is Developing Really Rapidly


Arissa swiftly got into the car, only to grow even more embarrassed when she was greeted by five pairs of eyes.

Tasked with driving them back to the hotel, Ethen turned back and reminded Arissa, “Sit tight, Ms. York. We’re off now!”

Shifting her gaze to him, Arissa nodded.

When she caught sight of him stifling a smile, she gave a light cough and turned to gaze out the window.

Benjamin’s tall and robust figure was right outside, making her heart skip a beat.

“Ms. York, there are resting lounges in the hospital, so you don’t have to worry that Mr. Graham has no place to rest!”

As Ethen’s voice drifted over from the front, mortification swept over Arissa.

“I see,” she murmured.

Meanwhile, the five children looked at each other with amusement in their eyes.

“Mommy is embarrassed!” Jasper whispered.

“Mommy’s face is so red!” Oliver chimed in.

“Mommy’s ears are also red,” Jesse added.

Although they were all talking in hushed tones, Arissa could still hear them loud and clear.

She glanced over her shoulder and swept her gaze over them all.

The five children were all grinning from ear to ear.

She reached out and ruffled their hair. “What’s so funny?”

All five of them promptly burst into giggles.

“Mommy, your relationship with Mr. Graham is developing really rapidly!”

Jasper was a quick-witted one, and he smiled suggestively.

At that, the corners of Arissa’s mouth twitched.

“Are you guys sleepy?”

The five little children shook their heads. Jesse then leaned over and hugged her. “Are you sleepy, Mommy?”

“Nope!” After all, she had slept a lot that day.

Subsequently, she looked at her five children and commented, “You all didn’t even tell me anything before coming over here!”

All five children giggled.

“Mommy, it was Daddy who asked us to come over. He was with you then, so we thought you knew about it!” Gavin admitted.

“Exactly! But we never thought that you were sick. Mr. Graham kept us in the dark and didn’t breathe a word about it to us. If we’d known that you were sick, we wouldn’t have come here so quickly!” Zachary groused.

Snorting, Arissa leaned back against the seat and threw them all a sidelong glance.

“What did you say to Tim?”

“Mommy, Tim definitely knows that you’re his mother. Daddy told him about it earlier. We also told him that we were his brothers,” Gavin muttered, afraid that she would be angry.

He cautiously stole a peek at her, only continuing upon seeing that she wasn’t in high dudgeon, “However, we didn’t tell him how he got separated from us back then.”

Stroking his head, Arissa complimented in a gentle voice, “You did great, Sweetheart!”

Zachary tilted his head and gazed at her.

“Mommy, we should tell him the reason as soon as possible. Otherwise, his misunderstanding toward you will persist.”

“Did he say anything to you all?” Arissa asked the children.

In response, all five of them shook their heads.

“He didn’t say anything, but we could sense that he harbors some misunderstanding!” Oliver stated confidently, nudging his glasses.

“Mommy, he must have misunderstood that we didn’t want him and abandoned him!” Jesse voiced her sentiments as well.

The moment Arissa heard that, her heart jolted. She could also surmise all that, but when it came from her children, her heart felt exceedingly heavy.

“I know.”

She couldn’t bring herself to explain things to Tim, nor did she know whether he would believe it after learning about the truth.

She heaved a sigh.

Taking her hand, Jasper coaxed, “Don’t worry, Mommy. He’ll understand that you didn’t abandon him on purpose after he is told the truth!”

Arissa nodded. “Your daddy said he’d talk to him.”

Speaking of that, she was a tad worried that Benjamin might scare Tim.

She hurriedly phoned the man. The ringing tone only rang for a second before the call was answered.


“Benjamin, watch your tone when you speak to Tim. Don’t scare him!”

The man on the other end of the phone chuckled. “He’s not as fragile as you think!”

At his remark, Arissa was taken aback for a moment. But then, perhaps he’s not as strong as he thinks either.

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