The More the Merrier Chapter 496

The More the Merrier Chapter 496

Father And Son At The Hospital

“Don’t worry about that. Have you reached the hotel?”

Benjamin’s deep voice rang out from the other end of the phone.

Arissa glanced out the car window, only to see that they were still on the way.


“All right, then. I’ll be hanging up if there’s nothing else.”

Pausing for a second, Benjamin then added, “I’ve got a conference call.”

“Ah, I see!” With that, Arissa had no choice but to hang up.

It was only about ten minutes later that they arrived at the hotel.

A room was already reserved for them, and Ethen led them up to the suite.

“Rest earlier, Ms. York.”

Arissa nodded. “You’ve also worked very hard, so rest earlier.”

Ethen flashed her a smile. “Sure!”

He still had to return to the hospital, but he only left after bidding the five children farewell.

“Bradley, you’ve also worked hard, so go and rest!” Arissa said to Bradley as well.

“Okay!” Bradley nodded in agreement.

“Oh yes, Bradley, since we’ve found Tim, tell the rest that they can stop searching,” Arissa prompted.

Hearing that, Bradley chuckled. “I already did that.”

Arissa nodded in approval and urged, “Go and rest, quick! If there’s anything else, we’ll talk about it tomorrow.”

“Good night!” Bradley said to them all.

“Good night, Mr. Hinton!” the five children replied.

“Hurry up and go take a shower!” Arissa ordered the children after closing the door.

The five children glanced at her and suggested, “Mommy, you go first. We’ll shower after you’re done.”

Chortling, Arissa remarked, “There are two bathrooms, so let’s shower at the same time!”

The five children studied their surroundings, only to discover that there was also a bathroom outside.

“In that case, we’ll use the bathroom outside while you shower in the en suite bathroom, Mommy.”


Arissa followed the children to the bathroom and helped them to adjust the water temperature beforeshe headed to the bathroom in the master bedroom for a shower.

Meanwhile, Benjamin waited until Mary was asleep before he asked Tim to step out with him.

Tim tucked the covers around Mary before he whirled around and exited the room.

“You asked for me, Mr. Graham?”

Tim stared at Benjamin, neither happy nor angry, his voice placid.

Benjamin swept his gaze over him and patted him on the head. Then, he led him to the adjacent room by the shoulders.

“Let’s talk in the adjacent room.”

Eyeing the man, Tim followed him to the adjacent room with apprehension building within him.

I wonder what he wants to say to me.

Benjamin went to the couch and sat down. Seeing that Tim was a touch nervous, he scooped the latter up to sit next to him.

“Have some food!”

Ethen brought supper when he returned a while ago.

Benjamin took a piece of chicken wing for Tim.

Swallowing, Tim shook his head. “I’m not hungry.”

Benjamin stared at him for a long while before asking, “Do you want me to feed you?”

While saying that, he brought it right to Tim’s mouth.

Stunned, Tim could only take it from the man. He lowered his head and munched on the chicken wing.

It was exceedingly fragrant and delicious.

As he recalled Mary in the adjacent room, his appetite faded, for he felt guilty as though he was eating behind her back.

Benjamin stroked his head and inquired, “Is it good?”

Tim pursed his lips. After a while, he nodded honestly. “Yeah.”

“Then, why aren’t you eating anymore?” Benjamin quirked an eyebrow.

Stealing a glance at the man, Tim dipped his head. “Can I keep some for Grandma?”

Benjamin’s heart jolted, and a myriad of feelings brewed within him.

“It won’t taste nice when it’s cool, so you eat it. When your grandma wakes up tomorrow, I’ll have someone buy it for her.”

Tim bit his lip before glancing at the chicken wing in his hand. At the end of the day, he was still a child, so he was no match for the temptation of food.

“Thank you, Mr. Graham!”

At his address, Benjamin’s gaze flickered imperceptibly. Well, I’m afraid that he won’t change his address of me so easily.

The look in his eyes was tender as he watched the little boy munch on the chicken wing.

After taking a few bites, Tim turned and looked at the man. “There is another one, Mr. Graham!”

Benjamin reclined and leaned back against the couch. “I don’t like it. You can finish everything! Later, I’ve got something to tell you.”

Upon hearing that, Tim frowned. “What do you want to say to me, Mr. Graham?”

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