The More the Merrier Chapter 497

The More the Merrier Chapter 497

Quick To Answer The Call

Benjamin swept his gaze over Tim. “We’ll talk when you’re done eating.”

Tim hesitated for a moment before he continued eating.

As Benjamin crossed his legs, he pinned his gaze on the little boy and scrutinized him.

Sensing the man’s gaze, Tim turned and looked over. The instant he met the man’s eyes, he lowered his head once more.

Benjamin then averted his gaze and toyed with his phone, wondering whether Arissa was asleep.

At the hotel, Arissa had just finished showering and was planning to tuck the children into bed when she heard Jesse’s stomach growling.

“Are you hungry?”

She pinched the little girl’s cheeks indulgently.

In response, Jesse nodded.

“Yup! I’m hungry, Mommy!”

“Wait for a while. I’ll order some food up!”

Arissa then phoned the suite’s housekeeper and ordered some food to be delivered to the room.

The five children were ecstatic, cheering, “Yay! We’re having supper!”

Initially, they were quite happy. Then, they remembered Tim at the hospital and felt a touch guilty.

“Tim doesn’t get to eat at the hospital,” Jasper lamented with a sigh.

“We can ask the bodyguards to send some food over!” Gavin suggested.

At the sight of the children’s concern for Tim, Arissa was very much gratified.

“Phone your daddy and have him buy some food nearby. That’ll be quicker. By the time the bodyguards arrive with food, Tim might have gone to bed.”

Hearing that, the five children exchanged glances. Zachary and the others didn’t want to make the call, so they all swung their gazes at Gavin.

Gavin eyed them before glancing at Arissa. “Why don’t you do it, Mommy?”

When we parted ways at the hospital, Daddy and Mommy kissed. Thus, if Mommy were to call Daddy now, not only would it improve their relationship, but Daddy would also agree undoubtedly.

He knew that Benjamin wasn’t in the habit of having supper, so the man might not necessarily buy supper for Tim if he were to make the call as he felt that it wasn’t healthy to eat before going to bed at night.

Arissa looked at the children and shook her head with a smile. “Okay, I’ll make the call, then!”

While saying that, she phoned Benjamin. The ringing tone didn’t even ring before the man’s voice drifted into her ears.


The baritone voice that traveled through the phone strummed her eardrums, startling her.

Thinking that she might have been hearing things, she took the phone away from her ear. Only when she saw that the call was connected did she place it back against her ear.

“Say something, Arissa.”

Puzzlement inundated Arissa. “Why were you so quick to answer the call?”

Benjamin was silent for a minute before admitting, “The phone was in my hand when I saw an incoming call from you.”

At that turn of events, amusement flooded Arissa. “Tim might be hungry at this time, so buy him some food near the hospital before he goes to bed.”

When she was in the hospital earlier, she forgot all about that. Children had better digestion, so they got hungry easily.

“Also, buy him some milk.”

As Benjamin listened to her orders, his gaze alighted on Tim, who was eating quietly. “He’s about to be full.”

Arissa was stunned for a while before understanding dawned upon her. “You bought him food?”

“Ethen brought it when he came over just now,” Benjamin explained.

Surprise swamped Arissa that Ethen still went to the hospital despite the late hour.

“All right, then. Rest earlier when you both finish eating. Don’t sleep too late.”

“If you and the children are hungry, order some food,” Benjamin uttered in concern.

“I’ve done so, and we’re now waiting for the food.”

“Okay,” Benjamin murmured.

After a moment’s hesitation, Arissa requested, “Snap a photo of Tim eating and send it to me.”

Following that, Benjamin’s chuckle drifted into her ear. “Do you not believe me?”

Giving a cough, Arissa clarified, “I only want to have a look at him. It has nothing to do with believing you.”

“Wait a moment.”

Benjamin then hung up the phone. Shortly after, Arissa received a picture of Tim’s profile as he ate.

With affection clear on her face, she caressed his image on the picture.

The five children leaned over as well. “It looks delicious!”

“Tim is having chicken wings!” Jesse exclaimed.

She then swallowed.

Seeing that, Arissa chuckled. “Do you want to have chicken wings?”

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