The More the Merrier Chapter 498

The More the Merrier Chapter 498

He Likes To Eat Meat

Jesse nodded, indicating that she indeed wanted to have chicken wings.

Arissa caressed her head. “We’ll see whether there are any later. If there aren’t any, we’ll order again!”

“Yay!” Jesse was over the moon.

In no time, the doorbell rang.

Zachary sprinted over to open the door. He peeked through the peephole and only opened the door when he ascertained that it was a server from the hotel.

Clocking his wariness, Gavin reminded, “There are bodyguards outside.”

“Hehe, I’m used to it!”

Zachary threw him a look before opening the door and allowing the server to enter.

“Hello, miss. Are there chicken wings?”


The suite’s housekeeper recited the menu to them while carrying the food to the dining table.

“Mommy, there are chicken wings! Quick, come and eat!”

The five children were all in seventh heaven at the sight of the food. They all called Arissa over.

Hence, Arissa walked over. When she saw the tableful of food for supper, she thanked the housekeeper.

Only when the housekeeper had left did she start feasting with the children.

“This is for you, Gavin!” Zachary offered.

“Don’t take mine, Oliver!” Jasper chided.

“I didn’t take yours. Isn’t yours right there on your plate?” Oliver countered.

“Hehe, I took it!” Jesse interjected.

“Everyone, stop taking all the food! Mommy hasn’t eaten yet. We’ll order more if there isn’t enough!” Gavin asserted.

As Arissa watched her children playing around, joy overfilled her, and she wore an expression of indulgence on her face.

“Just eat everything if you all like it. I will just eat a bit.”

If only Tim is here with us! I wonder what he likes to eat.

At that thought, Arissa queried, “Sweethearts, did you all have dinner with Tim?”

“Yup! We ate with him at the hospital. Mr. Frank, Mr. Hinton, and Uncle Shaun brought food back for us after they ate outside,” Gavin answered.

Arissa nodded in acknowledgment, her gaze fixated on the five children.

“Then, did you all notice what he likes to eat?”

At once, anguish showed on the faces of all five children.

“He likes to eat meat,” Zachary replied in a whisper.

As soon as Arissa glimpsed their distressed expressions, she promptly guessed the reason.

Tim seldom got to eat meat, so he naturally loved it.

“Is there anything else?”

“Mommy, he also likes to eat prawns! He even ate the shells!”

Jesse spoke while she ate, causing food to spew out of her mouth.

Jasper hurriedly dodged in disgust. “Don’t talk while you’re eating, Jesse! Look, you’re spewing food everywhere!”

Immediately, Jesse flashed him an apologetic smile. “I’m sorry! It wasn’t deliberate!”

The instant she put on her coquettish act, Jasper crumbled.

“Oh well, I forgive you. Here, this is for you!”

Jasper placed the entire plate of skewers contaminated by her saliva before her.

Jesse happily stuck her tongue out.

Meanwhile, Arissa smiled at their antics.

“When did you all eat? Did you all not have your fill during dinner, or did you all eat too early that you’re so hungry now?”

“We had dinner around six or seven o’clock.” Zachary glanced at his mother.

Chuckling, Arissa replied, “I also ate around that hour. Hurry up and eat! When you’re done, go and brush your teeth before going to bed. It’s almost midnight now!”

That was the latest the children ever went to bed, so she rushed them.

“Got it, Mommy!”

All five children didn’t tarry either as they continued eating at lightning speed. Then, they all dashed to the bathroom to brush their teeth before lying in bed.

“Good night, Mommy!” Gavin greeted.

“Good night, Mommy!” Zachary seconded.

“Good night, Mommy!” Oliver went next.

“Good night, Mommy!” Jasper followed.

“Good night, Mommy!” Jesse went last.

“Good night, Sweethearts!” Arissa replied gently, leaning down and kissing them on the forehead.

The children could no longer battle their drowsiness at that hour and promptly fell asleep after closing their eyes.

Arissa pulled the covers over them and caressed their faces while sitting on the edge of the bed.

Truly, she was glad that they were all very sensible and didn’t blame her for neglecting them that day.

She only returned to the master bedroom to rest when they were deep in slumber.

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