The More the Merrier Chapter 499

The More the Merrier Chapter 499

Why Tim Was Abandoned

In the hospital, Tim wiped his mouth after finishing his supper.

Turning to face Benjamin, he gathered the courage to ask, “Mr. Graham, what do you want to tell me?”

Glancing at him, Benjamin handed him the milk made from the milk powder Ethen had just bought.

“Drink this!”

Upon receiving it, Tim felt the milk tasted strange after the first mouthful.

When he saw how Tim grimaced at the drink, Benjamin cracked a slight smile.

“I don’t like it either. Nevertheless, it’s good for you. So, drink up!”

After giving Benjamin a look, Tim returned his gaze to the glass of milk. It would be a waste if I don’t finish it.

In the end, he pinched his nose and gulped down the milk as if he was drinking medicine.

With a gentle gaze, Benjamin used a paper towel to wipe his son’s mouth.

After that, he began to explain what happened.

“Have you been wondering why Gavin is staying with us, while you’re out there all alone?”

Lowering his gaze, Tim clenched his pants as he felt a squeeze in his heart.

When he saw the look on Tim’s face, Benjamin tousled the latter’s hair sympathetically.

“I’m your daddy, while Arissa is your mommy!” Benjamin repeated their identities to Tim.

“Furthermore, your mommy loves you a lot!”

Tim bit his lip in response. Even though he didn’t say a word, Benjamin could sense the sorrow welling up inside him.

“Tim, actually, we only found out about your existence a few days ago. In other words, we have no idea you existed before that!”

Feeling doubtful, Tim looked at Benjamin in disbelief, “How is that possible?”

I’m sure you must have abandoned me because you didn’t like me.

As Benjamin detected the disheartened look in Tim’s eyes, he felt his heart tighten.

No wonder Arissa broke down in front of him. Even I can feel my nose burn.

Suppressing the lump in his throat, Benjamin continued to explain, “We like you a lot, and no one wants to abandon you. The one who dumped you wasn’t Mommy, so don’t blame or resent her for it. If anything, you should blame me. If it wasn’t for me, you wouldn’t be suffering out there for so many years. I am the one who has failed you!”

Tim blinked his eyes. It wasn’t because they didn’t want me or Mommy abandoned me?

Benjamin sighed.

“Your mommy was the one who had it the worst. Back when she was pregnant, someone sabotaged her by locking her up in a secluded place, causing her to suffer alone with no hope of rescue.”

Thinking back to how Arissa was imprisoned in darkness, Benjamin couldn’t help but feel outraged and heartache at the same time.

“The perpetrator captured mommy because she wanted to marry me by using you. After Mommy gave birth to you, she took you and Gavin away. During that time, she was barely conscious. Moreover, she was subsequently dealt more harm and thrown into an area where wild beasts roamed.

“She, along with Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse almost lost their lives. The injury in her head also resulted in memory loss. Hence, she couldn’t remember that she had given birth to six babies. After Gavin and you were taken away, only Gavin was returned, as that woman hid your existence from us. It wasn’t until your mommy returned to search for Gavin that the past was exposed. When that woman tried to harm them again, she was arrested by the police.

“Subsequently, she used you to threaten Mommy by telling her that you were still in her hands. Once your mommy knew about it, she was devastated and fainted from the shock. In order to find you, she wandered the streets aimlessly, thinking that every homeless child could be you. If you turned out to be among them, she would blame herself for life. All this while, she lived in constant fear of you being sold off or losing your life.

“Yesterday, she was just feeling better but stayed up the entire night looking for you. However, she fainted again this morning after learning that you had been abandoned and might never be found.”

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