The More the Merrier Chapter 500

The More the Merrier Chapter 500

Crying His Lungs Out

After giving Tim a look, Benjamin’s tone was both grim and filled with pain.

“When I called her to tell her that you were alive, she didn’t believe it. Instead, she headed to see the lawyer, hoping to bring forward the court’s verdict over the perpetrator. Unfortunately, she fainted the moment she arrived at the lawyer’s office.

“That aside, Gavin grew up with me, while Zachary, Oliver, Jasper, and Jesse were raised by your mommy overseas and only came back recently. Prior to that, we didn’t know each other at all. Tim, the reason I’m telling you all this is so that you won’t have any misconceptions about your mommy. Not only did she not forget you but she was also extremely distraught when she couldn’t find you. In fact, she was filled with self-blame, pain, and remorse all this while. It wasn’t a case of her not wanting you at all. You have to know that she loves all of you very much.”

When Tim kept his head lowered, Benjamin was filled with pity for him.

“Tim, Mommy’s sickness isn’t entirely because of you. It was because she didn’t manage to recover properly after giving birth to the six of you. Moreover, she had suffered injuries that weakened her body further. Thus, you shouldn’t blame yourself, for it will just make your mommy feel bad,” Benjamin reassured him while tousling his hair.

With a twitch of his eyelashes, Tim’s eyes began to grow misty.

It turns out that Mommy didn’t abandon me. It was a villain who forcefully took me away instead.

Letting out a sniffle, Tim clenched his trousers with his fists.

Subsequently, Benjamin gave him a hug and patted him on his back.

“I’m the one who failed all of you. If I had investigated the matter thoroughly back then, all of you wouldn’t have to suffer.”

Sprawled in Benjamin’s arms, Tim was trying to hold back his tears. However, Benjamin’s apology tipped him over his threshold.

“Going forward, Mommy and I will definitely protect you. We will not let history repeat itself.”

“Boo hoo…” Tim bawled uncontrollably.

Benjamin gave Tim the space to vent his frustrations as he patted the latter sympathetically on the back.

Listening to Tim’s long-repressed sobs, Benjamin could feel his heart sink.

Fortunately, I’m the one that’s explaining it to him. Or else, Arissa would be just as devastated as he is.

Finally, Tim cried himself to sleep in Benjamin’s arms.

When he noticed that Tim had stopped moving, Benjamin thought the latter had fainted from crying and quickly called for Shaun to come in.

Upon hearing Benjamin’s frantic shout, Shaun burst in at once. “What is it?”

“Quick, check if he has fainted!”

Carrying Tim carefully in his arms, Benjamin furrowed his brows in concern.

After laying Tim down on the bed to examine him, Shaun quipped with a smile, “He’s just sleeping!”


Benjamin frowned as he gave Shaun a doubtful look.

Shaun was immediately annoyed. “He really is sleeping. If you don’t believe me, you can get another doctor to confirm!”

Pursing his lips, he watched Tim earnestly. He’s asleep?


“Mr. Graham?”

Ethen looked at Benjamin as he awaited further instructions.

“Call for the doctor.”

The moment the words left Benjamin’s mouth, Shaun was outraged.

Amused by what happened, Ethen went off to get a doctor just to put Benjamin’s mind at ease.

Meanwhile, Shaun continued to breathe heavily by the side.

Calm down, calm down. This guy only remembers that I’m an amazing doctor when he needs me. But since he’s just overly concerned for his children, I won’t hold it against him.

It wasn’t until the doctor arrived and confirmed that Tim was asleep that Benjamin’s mind was put at ease.

If he has fallen sick, Arissa would definitely blame me for it.

“Mr. Graham, he’s just exhausted. All he needs is enough sleep to rejuvenate himself.”

Sitting by the bed, Benjamin tucked Tim in and wiped the tears off his eyelashes.

Given how feeble he was, Tim looked as if he was about to be swallowed by the bed.

It was a sight that jolted Benjamin. We really need to take good care of him.

As Shaun instructed the doctor to leave the room, he, too, followed suit to mollify his own bruised ego.

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