The More the Merrier Chapter 502

The More the Merrier Chapter 502

Do As You Will

“Can you check if the three other sleepyheads are awake?” Arissa instructed the two boys.


After Zachary and Gavin grunted in acknowledgment, they went to check if their other three siblings were up.

Jesse was usually the one who liked to sleep in the most. But that morning, she got up and washed her face quicker than her other two brothers when she heard that they were going to the hospital to visit Tim.

After serving six bowls of oatmeal porridge, Arissa packed a few more before calling the children for breakfast.

“Come and have your breakfast quickly. After that, we’ll be heading to the hospital.”


The five children took their seats obediently and started digging in.

Given the scrumptious breakfast spread she had prepared, Arissa was delighted to see the children enjoy every bit of it.

“Mommy, you should finish up quickly too!”

Gavin was curious when he saw her standing there and watching them eat instead.

“You guys can go ahead. I’m waiting for the butler to bring up some breakfast. He should be arriving anytime now.”

Arissa peeked outside to take a look.

“Mommy, you can eat while you wait!” Zachary called out.

“Mmm-hmm!” Arissa took her seat and began to serve the children.

“Slow down, there’s no need to hurry!”

Giggling at the same time, the children teased her, “Mommy, just a second ago, you were telling us to hurry up!”

“Why do you have to pick on me?” Arissa retorted with a smile.

Suddenly, the doorbell rang.

Oliver got to his feet. “I’ll get it!”

Arissa beamed as she allowed him to do so.

It was the butler delivering breakfast. One portion was packed to go while the other was served on a platter that contained a smorgasbord of exquisite-looking food.

“Mrs. Graham, kids, please enjoy!” the butler greeted with a bow before leaving.

After Arissa was briefly astounded, she put the packed portion aside before continuing breakfast with the children.

“Mommy, this is delicious! You should try one!”

Jesse handed Arissa one of the hors d’oeuvres.

“Thank you, sweetheart!” Arissa received it.

At the same time, Jasper and Oliver served her some too. “Mommy, you should have more. You deserve them!”

Arissa curled her lips. “All right.”

At the sight of the children enjoying their food, she was filled with bliss.

“Mommy, did you sleep well last night?”

Arissa nodded in response to Oliver’s glance. “Yes, I slept through the entire night. How about you?”

She swept her gaze across every single one of the children.

“We slept very well too. What time did Gavin and Zachary wake up?”

Smiling with his eyes, Jasper shot Gavin and Zachary a glance.

“By the time I woke up at five-thirty, Mommy and Gavin were already up.”

Jasper and Oliver gaped in shock.

“I woke up at five, while Mommy was up even earlier. Probably around four something,” Gavin explained to his brothers.

Jesse felt embarrassed. “You didn’t wake us. If not, we could’ve helped with preparing breakfast.”

Breaking into a smile, Arissa stroked Jesse’s head. “You? Are you sure you won’t sleep in?”

Jesse looked down with an awkward pout, causing her brothers to burst into laughter.

“Sweethearts, Mommy will need to take care of Mdm. Mary and Tim after this. Hence, I’ll have less time for you lot. But, don’t feel disappointed because I love all of you!”

Worried that they would feel neglected, Arissa mentally prepared the children.

“Mommy, we understand. You should go ahead and do what you need to. Besides, we’ll be at the hospital with you too. Won’t you still be there for us?”

Zachary wasn’t bothered by it, for he clearly understood the circumstances.

Gavin added, “Mommy, since we have just found our brother, you should spend more time with him. We understand and won’t hold it against him.”

Oliver agreed, “Mommy, there’s no need to be worried. You should just focus on taking care of Tim. I won’t be jealous.”

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